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beagle-san 8/6/2010 8:03:33 AM

Toradora! is a nice series, being more enjoyable earlier in the show, than in the later stages where it dips into high school melodrama as it focuses on resolving the romantic aspects of the storyline. It doesn't get bad, but this first set captures the best of the series. It has the fun and bouncy opening, "Pre-Parade", which is the opening for the first 16 episodes, which I never fast-forwarded through, something I can't say about the 2nd opening number.

What should you know that the review doesn't quite touch? Ami-chan versus Taiga. Ami-chan brings a great and fun dynamic to the show, aside from the rich friend aspects she brings. While the review tells us that Ryuji soon learns Ami-chan's true nature, it doesn't tell that so does Taiga, and Taiga and Ami quickly enter into an often hilarious rivalry. Some of the funniest bits in this series come between the confrontations between Taiga and Ami, or as Taiga would call her, "Baka-chi(Stupid Chihuahua)".

This is a fun and enjoyable set of 13 episodes, with a nice mix of comedy, romance and drama, enough so for me to consider it as "A" range material for this set, though I'd drop it down to "B" range for the final 12 episodes.



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