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Toradora! Manga Licensed

Seven Seas grabs the manga series

By Chris Beveridge     July 18, 2010

© Seven Seas Entertainment

Seven Seas Entertainment has announced this weekend that they have three new manga series to announce. Rather than go with the normal route, and owing to not having a panel at Comic-Con this year, they're announcing them via Twitter in the form of hints and anagrams. The first one is supposedly very easy, and it is, but I suspect the other two will be figured out quickly as well knowing how manga and anime fans are about these things from past experience.

  1. Title 1 Anagram - "Toad Roar"
    Title 1 Hint - "Tiger, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry?"
    ...The first one's easy. The rest are not.
    Each day (Sun/Mon/Tues), we'll post a new anagram plus a hint (of some sort) to aid you (or not) in the unscrambling...
    ...we wanted to have a little fun. So we've turned the titles into anagrams for you to solve.
    Seven Seas has 3 new manga series from Japan. Rather than just announce them (boooring!)...

The Toradora! manga series is only at two volumes at this point as it's had a slightly interesting publishing history in Japan. It's an adaptation based off of the light novels that started back in fall of 2007 via Dengeki Comic Gao!. That manga ended in early 2008 but ended up starting up again over at Dengeki Daioh in May of 2008, just a few short months later. 


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