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karas1 7/12/2011 11:32:07 AM

The thing is, this new season of Torchwood is being touted as a good jumping on place for new viewers who never watched the show before.  STARZ didn't want to exclude the majority of their American viewers who probably never heard of Torchwood before by making it necessary to be familliar with the British seasons to understand it.  So Rob's experiences as a new viewer are valuable in that the new season was made for new viewers like him.

Obviously, people familliar with the series will get more out of it.  But if new viewers aren't being interested or entertained by it then Torchwood isn't doing it's job.

As somebody who doesn't get STARZ, I'm jealous of all of you because I'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD to see it.

makabriel 7/12/2011 12:48:47 PM

Hmm... do I want to get Starz for a couple months...  Nothing interesting on HBO since Game dropped off.


hanso 7/12/2011 1:04:32 PM

 It's free on the internet.

Redshirt1 7/13/2011 6:48:40 AM

Ok, I'll state that I haven't seen the episode yet, but I've been watching the spin off of Doctor Who since the start.  Regardless of all that I've got to say to Mania what kind of so caled "journalists" are you employing if they won't even be bothered with getting off their lazy asses and actually do their job.

"I must confess that I’ve not watched much Torchwood before now." 

Seriously, how can you provide an acurate review of a Torchwood series if you have no context with which to formulate an opinion.  It's like not knowing anything about Superman and picking up a random issue of the comic and saying its crap.  Or not ever having watched an epsiode of True Blood and jumping in at last weeks episode and trying to do a fair and unbiased review.  You can't because you have no context with which to put any of the story or the characters into.  Do your job man and research before you write. 

wish 7/13/2011 9:08:20 AM


download anything.  It's cheating but if the networks refuse to utilize the internet to provide equal access to the shows they create then fuck em.

Anything I want that is for sale I buy, if they make me wait too long or not available in my territory (can't believe that's still an issue) then I steal.

I get what you are saying KARAS1, but most people who want to give a show a chance aren't going to jump in at the beginning of the 4th season, regardless I disagree with Rob's review and he may have liked the episode more if he knew more about Torchwood.  Some of the greatest episodes of the greatest series would be ordinary and probably slightly confusing for someone who hadn't seen an episode before.

karas1 7/13/2011 3:36:42 PM

Wish, most people who want to give a show a chance will watch whatever episodes are being broadcast at the time they want to start watching. 

New viewers who are looking for something to watch and channel surf past STARZ might see Torchwood, be intrigued and start watching.  Very few of them are going to say "This looks cool.  I think I'll invest lots of time and/or money to see the 3 preceding seasons and those episodes of Dr Who with Captain Jack in them to catch up before I see the next episode."  Any viewer who feels he has to do that to enjoy the current season will change the channel and not go back.

Redshirt, you might expect your average American to have a certain familiarity with Superman or Batman.  But if you came across a comic about some hero you never heard of before, say Intrepid Man, would you as an experienced comic reader feel you had to read all the back issues before you decided whether or not you liked it?  Or would you feel comfortable saying "This issue is shodily written crap." 

Rob is an (at least semi) professional reviewer.  He should be able to review something without having seen it before or he's not much of a reviewer.

Which is not to say that it wouldn't have been a nice touch for him to familliarize himself with the material beforehand, but I don't feel that it's strictly necessary.

goldeneyez 7/14/2011 7:12:46 AM

I'm a fan of Torchwood, been watching it since the beginning, and I actually agree with Rob's review.  My favorite season so far was Children of Men.  Maybe after coming off such a great season, it's hard to be at that same level right off the bat again with season 4, however, the new characters just didn't resonate with me.  That said, maybe I'm suffering from new character fatigue.  I had two seasons to grow to love Tosh and Owen, and three for Ianto, Gwen, and Captain Jack.

The story moved a bit fast for me in some areas and at a snails pace in others compared to other seasons, maybe because they were trying to bring new viewers up to speed.  Putting the principle new players together in Wales moved really fast at the end, but how Jack came back... where he came back from, etc. moved at a snails pace.

To address the comparisons to the X-Files, Torchwood was a lot smarter to me than the X-Files only because they didn't have to go through the same routine... e.g. Scully (who's seen bazillion strange occurances) is still a disbeliever, and Mulder (smartest guy in the room) has to convince her all over again ad naseum.  Torchwood also had me at the idea that what they learn/ obtain from the aliens they encounter they actually use to combat the new aliens / strange phenomena they encounter in the future (dead gauntlets, pterodactyl, etc.)


Jakester 7/14/2011 7:34:52 AM

To be fair, Lost ultimately went nowhere. ;)

I really enjoyed the first episode, but I can certainly see how it did a pretty weak job of actually describing what Torchwood (the organization) really was. For a time, it was much larger than just Jack and his crew.

Rob, give last year's Torchwood: Children of Earth a shot. it's only 5 episodes and if it doesn't make you want to give this season another shot, then fair enough.

wish 7/14/2011 8:45:10 AM

I totally disagree with you Karas1, you might choose to give new shows a chance in that way, but I never would and I refuse to believe most would either.  Especially with a show like Torchwood that's been around long enough that if you are considering getting into it, chances are it's because you've heard of it or know someone that watches it and are probably aware of it's nature and cult-like following.


goldeneyez 7/14/2011 9:32:50 AM

 Oh yeah, I agree with Karas1.  Starz has advertised this show like it's brand new and a starting off point.  Beyond that, a professional reviewer should be able to jump in the middle of something and give their opinion.  Rob did due dillegence by stating that he hadn't seen the other seasons, so the person reading the review should have enough information to understand his biases, etc. and weigh his review against that.  

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