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karas1 7/14/2011 3:27:17 PM

Wish, that's the problem.  Torchwood is a cult show.  And STARZ wouldn't have put up the bucks to film a new season if they thought the only ones who would be interested were geeks who followed obscure british scifi programs.  They need to interest Joe Public, the average American who is more interested in football than scifi or foregin TV shows.

And Joe Public is NOT going to do research in order to enjoy a TV show.  He's just not. 

You and I might.  But you and I are not ordinary TV viewers.

In order for this new season of Torchwood to be successful it has to be understandable and interesting to viwers who never heard of it before and know none of it's background.  Because those people are going to comprise 85% or more of it's audience.

wrrlykam 7/16/2011 5:31:28 AM

How did US viewers get on with the Welsh accents? Some were stronger than others. I have Welsh ancestors, live near to mid Wales and spend a lot of time there but the husbands accent was a bit hard to follow to me at times.

wish 7/16/2011 5:34:03 AM

Alas, both Karas1 and goldeneyez are more right than I, good points folks.

karas1 7/16/2011 7:26:11 AM

wrrlykam, I haven't seen the new season, but I also have had problems with the Welsh accents in prior seasons.  I've had to go back at points and listen to the dialogue again to understand it.  Particurlarly with Gwen and Rhys.

Jakester 7/20/2011 10:15:25 AM

I never have any problems understanding Gwen or Rhys.. They didn't try to alter their accents, etiher.

Episode 2 was pretty slow and basically could have been done in half the time. Also, I thought making EDTA from items on a plane was unlikely at best, and my scientist/chemistry friends confirmed that. It'snot that it's not possible to make EDTA, but not how they did it.

It's one thing to suspend disbelief for things like aliens or ghosts or immortality, but it's another to take something *real* and completely botch it.

karas1 7/20/2011 6:43:38 PM

Jakester, I call that the Law and Order test.  Would you believe it if you saw it on Law and Order?  If not then you shouldn't show it on a fantasy/scifi program either.

I guess they are not going to review the rest of the episodes of Torchwood.

Jakester 7/21/2011 9:34:12 AM

Oooh, I like that, Kara!

I'm hoping that tomorrow's episode steps it up a bit.

Something that really annoys me is how RTD and Barrowman talk about Captain Jack's omnisexuality as not being a big deal and just being a part of his character, which I accept. One's sexuality is not their most defining trait. It's just part of a whole. Yet what are they touting the most for episode 3? Jack's full on gay sex scene. It's like a horror director saying that gore is simply a device used to tell the story and isn't all that important, but then just showing gore in the advertising.

karas1 7/21/2011 4:34:48 PM

I remember watching an episode of MacGyver where Mac needed to get a rope through a long pipe.  He thed a string to the rope, picked up a wild rat, tied the string around it's middle and sent it walking down the pipe so somebody on the other side could untie the string from the rat and pull on the string to pull the rope through the pipe.  In real life the wild rat would have chewed Mac's thumb off instead of calmly letting him tie a string around it.  You'd never see that on Law and Order.

What RTD and Barrowman consider the defining points of their show is not necessarily what the advertizing folks at STARZ think are the points which will attract the largest audience.  I've seen promos for upcoming episodes of many shows which give major spoilers or give the solution to the mystery or otherwise show stuff that the showrunners didn't want the audience to know in advance.

Let me know how episode 3 goes.  I wish I could see it.

Jakester 7/26/2011 7:46:08 AM

With Episode 3, we start to see who, or more specifically WHAT the big Bad of the season is, and it's clear that this has been planned for quite a long time. The "how" of it has yet to be explained.

Pullman also has a really good scene in episode 3, and it's pretty horrifying. Espenson said they toned it down, but I really kind of wish they hadn't. It's not gore or anything. It's just dialogue, but it is completely off the rails.

So far, I'd put this season on par with season 2. It certainly isn't nearly as good as "Children of Earth." The budget increase doesn't seem to matter as I don't think the story is all that great and I'm left wondering if the move to Starz won't ultimately hurt the show more than had it been run on BBCAmerica with a smaller budget.

goldeneyez 7/26/2011 12:07:15 PM

 Yeah I'm not as engrossed this season as I was with "Children of Earth" either.  Maybe part of it is they keep hinting around at some kind of extra-terrestrial meddling, but so far it's just hinting.  With Children of Earth, the bad guys were there from day one, very menacing and scary.  Still a Torchwood fan, but I'm not digging this season.  I think some of the one off episodes from the first two seasons were better than this season too.

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