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Inuyasha ,the Final Act Epi # 12

December 31, 2009
Release Date: November 01, 2009

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Inuyasha , the Final Act Episode 12

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Sango’s Feelings, Miroku’s Resolve Episode 12

It is a night with a new moon again and Inuyasha is reverted back into his human form once more. Sango and Miroku left to battle with a “Bone-collecting” monster, and have been out too long; this worries Kagome and Inuyasha. Sango uses the HiraiKotsu to attack the monster, but it caught the weapon, and tasted it. Since Hiraikotsu was made of many demon’s bones, it did not have much effect on the monster. To get Hiraikotsu back, Miroku used his “Wind Tunnel” and was affected by the monster’s poison. Wanting to get the Hiraikotsu, the monster trapped, our two heroes in a bone cage, and attempts to devour both of them and the Hiraikotsu. Having no other way of escape, Miroku once again, used his “Wind Tunnel”, attacking from within the monster. Both Sango and Miroku escaped the cage, but Miroku was badly affected by the monster’s poison and can no longer move. The monster on the other hand, recovered with ease and is ready for a second wave of attack. Seeing that there is no other choice, Sango uses a deadly poison and applies on Hiraikotsu and wields it towards the monster. The monster catches the Hiraikotsu and the poison immediately takes effect and consumes it. The monster’s daughter attempts to make another attack, but Inuyasha comes to the rescue, as the night of new moon is over.

Having Hiarikotsu destroyed, Sango have no way to carry on fighting. Then Myouga suggests bringing Hiraikotsu to the Demon Master of Potions to be repaired. Arriving at the venue, the gang is greeted by the stench of alcohol, as at the foot of the waterfall, were jugs of alcohol. Myouga asks Inuyasha to empty the contents of one of the jugs; and out pours a drunken old man (The Master of Potions). Thinking that Hiraikotsu belongs to Inuyasha, the Master rejects repairing it, however, knowing that it belongs to Sango, he says yes. He then dumps Hiraikotsu into a jug of alcohol and allows it to dissolve. And tells Sango to pacify the demons in the other jug. Sango jumps into the jug without a second thought. Then, before she meets many demons, and her sword is useless against it. Outside, Miroku and the rest tries to see how Sango is doing, and the only way to see her is to get drunk with the help of the alcohol. The Master of potions also know about Miroku’s problem and offers him a solution. He has to drink a very poisonous solution in order to not feel the pain of the poison from any poison or miasma that is sucked in by the “Wind Tunnel”. However, this will not help in the spread of the poison to reach the heart. It only numbs his feeling towards the pain. In the jug, Sango finds out that the demons she face are actually Hiraikotsu. They question her loyalty towards them, and wants her to promise that she will not betray their trust once more. However, Snago cannot do it, as she loves Miroku and is willing to sacrifice her life again for him. The demons knows not of empathy and love, and decides to kill Sango. Then, with Miroku’s determination of drinking the potion, to want to be able to protect Sango, the demon’s feels his resolution and agrees to Hiraikotsu again. This is because, The Master’s herbs and potions are all connected. The Master of potions, promises Sango that her Hiraikotsu is now more powerful than before.

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