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Toshiba 5109 Progressive Scan

    April 04, 2002

Toshiba 5109 Progressive Scan
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Toshiba 5109 Progressive Scan DVD Player Review

About three months back, I decided to upgrade my TV set to one that would be ready for DTV when it caught on. I chose the Panasonic CT-32XF55 progressive scan DTV due to its price/performance combination. I was pretty happy with my choice, but I had just one problem... I could not use a DTV antenna for my apartment just yet.

Even though DTV is out for the short-term, I have found a great DVD player to match well with my television set... Enter the Toshiba 5109 progressive scan DVD player.

The 5109 has all the bells an whistles you would expect from a $999 retail player (I paid $499 from Supreme Audio+Video over the web). It has HDCD decoding, a Dolby Digital chip on board and dual DVD trays. Of course, the real reason I picked up this player was the progressive scan component outs (the player also comes with regular component outs, s-video and composite outs).

Well, getting right to the picture quality... The 5109 delivers -- BIG TIME! All those flickering credits at the end of movies or shows rolling down the screen on my previous DVD player (Toshiba 2108) are completely gone -- they are crystal clear and stable on the 5109. Video quality in general looks more detailed and more stable. Serial Experiments Lain (my anime DVD series reference for picture) looks outstanding on this player.

Sound quality is excellent as well. Using the coaxial digital out, the Dolby Digital soundtrack on Saving Private Ryan was amazing. I have not tested the DTS output jack on the player, as I have no use for DTS. CDs played very well also using the analog audio outs -- both CDs with HDCD encoding and without.

My only gripe with the player is its remote. Toshiba makes one of the better DVD remotes on the market... but that really is not saying much. The remote is missing a couple key features (especially at the price point of the 5109)... It is missing an eject button and true fast fast forward and rewind scan buttons. In the case of the latter two, scanning is done by holding down the FF and RW skip buttons. This is not a major deal, but it could be improved. Also, while almost all the remote buttons are glow in the dark, a dedicated backlighting scheme would have been appreciated.

Summing things up, I obviously love my 5109. If you have a DTV, you will be hard pressed to find a better value player on the market. I highly recommend the 5109 to anime fans everywhere!

Associated Review A/V Equipment:

Denon AVR-3300 receiver (used as a preamp/processor)
Rotel RB-985 5 channel power amp
Panasonic CT-32XF55 progressive scan DTV
Monster Silver Series coaxial digital and analog audio cables
Canare component video cables
5 Legacy Audio Studio speakers
Energy ES-12 subwoofer

Review By: "Dr." Dave Seid


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