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Toshiba SD-2200

    April 04, 2002

Toshiba SD-2200
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What They Say

The Review!
Toshiba SD-2200 Review - George Velez (September 2000)

Vital statistics (Full statistics below):

DVD/VCD/CD Audio Playback (No CD-R/CD-RW support)
S-Video/Composite/Parallel Video Out
Digital Coaxial and Optical (Toslink)/Analog/Parallel Audio Out (DD/DTS)
MSRP: $399.99 (Average Retail Price: 299.99)
Warranty: 1 Year Parts / 3 Months Labor

I purchased the Toshiba SD-2200 DVD player along with my television and receiver at Best Buy in Lakewood, CA. My goal was to get a stable setup for viewing anime (the majority of my DVD collection) for a reasonable price. Here are the results after a month of use:

The Case:

The unit itself is nice and like, and externally is quite pleasing to the eye. The case exudes a modern look. The LCD display is bright (adjustable) showing current Disc, title, and track number, as well as the playback time and format of media currently in the player. It's not cluttered with massive amounts of buttons, and almost appears quite simple in that respect. There's a single tray that loads 2 DVD's (with a button for each slot). Great for seeing double features, movies with bonus DVD's, or enjoying a night of your favorite box set. Nutshell: Modern but not too sleek. Anime comparative: Urashima Keitaro


The video output, for the most part, is beautiful. I connected the player directly to the television using component Monster Cable. Every DVD I've played so far has displayed outstanding visuals. The image is clear, smooth, and bright. I'm not sure if it makes any difference, but both the television and DVD player are Toshiba, and both are equipped with ColorStream technology. Apparently it's supposed to bypass excessive processes and source the video in its purest form directly to the television resulting in a "reduction of moire and other NTSC artifacts." It seems to do the job perfectly. One thing, however: during Cowboy Bebop, in every single one of the intros (Disc 1-5 so far), the text in the intros appear somewhat shaky, with slightly jagged edges. I'm not sure if that's how the DVD was produced or what, as it does the same with my Creative PC-DVD player (in which most text on any DVD looks the same). I've experienced almost no visual artifacts during DVD playback, with the exception of a few titles, which were experienced by other people using different DVD players, leading me to believe it were the titles themselves. Nutshell: Vivid picture, clean visuals, and exceedingly pleasing to the eye. Anime comparative: Belldandy


Using digital optical Monster Cable I connected the audio directly to the receiver. Again, for the most part, the audio is superb. It really shows during playback of Blue Sub with the Japanese audio track. I love my music and videos loud, and when I crank up the audio in Blue Sub, that sucker cranks -- if it wasn't for the fact you could breathe, you would think you were underwater. The sound effects roared and the vocals were clean. Blue Sub No. 6 is on of the few titles that make genuine use of that Dolby Digital logo. This is best heard when Tetsu first meets Mayumi. The audio perfectly matches the various angles the director shuffles you around in during the scene. For example, when Tetsu speaks to Mayumi and the camera is centered next to his face, then switches to Mayumi herself, the audio is heard from the angle and distance according to Mayumi (or where the camera is at). It's as true as I've ever heard 3D sound with clear results. Absolutely no hissing, despite the insane levels I turn up my stereo.

It should be noted, however, that although most of these problems have been found to be the DVD's themselves, the Toshiba SD-2200 experiences the audio problems with the Kenshin TV DVD 1 (sound only in the surround channels) and the Slayers DVD Box Set (audio on the Japanese track is strong in the back speakers, low in front, almost like they were reversed). I also had problems with the Twin Angels DVD (Japanese audio track is low on the center and sounds like an echo). All other DVD's worked fine. Nutshell: Loud and clear from every angle. Anime comparative: Tendo Akane


I've always been partial to the joy pads on remotes. It allows one to move around the menu system and select options without taking one's thumb off of the stick, since the joy pad is also a button itself (like the Playstation analog controller). The Toshiba controller sports one, although not as soft as a Playstation pad (can't always get what you want), so playing some DVD games or browsing through picture galleries can get nasty on the thumb. Pretty much every function is available through the remote through the menu system with the exception of an eject button. Slow and Fast Motion is available in multiple speeds both forward and reverse. The number pad is available underneath a door flap on the bottom of the controller -- nice for those who hate resting their palm on a bunch of buttons. The controller is slightly large, which I'm not too partial with, only because I have small hands. Those with average to large hands would probably like it.

A nice feature I would like to note is a display dimmer. This is beautiful when you like you watch your DVD's in as dark an environment as possible. There are three settings, normal, dim, and off. Nutshell: Nice size, soft buttons, and a pleasure to handle. Anime comparative: Faye Valentine's breasts.


The menu system is slightly above average. It doesn't look as bad as the Shinco player, where everything is blocky and came straight from a DOS Edit Window. The menu is easy to navigate and allows access to every feature the DVD player offers. Pressing the Display button on the controller during DVD playback will show playback times and audio/video track information. Pressing it once more will show the bit rate meter, and once more will display any text associated with the current track (DVD Text). The menu also allows you to alter the blackness of the background, which is beautiful if you use different televisions with the player. Also, the zoom feature is quite nice, allowing a zoom of up to 4x with amazingly little blur. Really only useful during hentai viewing, and you can't specify where to center it. Sorry. Nutshell: Simple appearance, very accessible. Anime comparative: NAVI terminal.


Despite the excellent performance of the SD-2200, I've experience some problems with the player. The few audio and video problems I've already discussed, but one problem that really got to me was the fact that the first DVD in Haunted Junction did not play at all. I keep getting, to this day, a "Disc Read" error. The same first DVD plays fine in my Creative PC-DVD drive. The second DVD plays fine, however. I really don't know why the first DVD will not play, but the second one does.

Another con is the fact it cannot play CD-R or CD-RWs. Personally I think a twin laser should be a standard feature in all DVD players. Obviously this is more of a personal opinion, so tread my words with that in mind. This is coming from a guy who thinks there shouldn't be regions for DVD's. Nutshell: Only a few flaws in a sea of excellence/opinionated yapper. Anime comparative Masaki Tenchi/Ayeka


Overall the Toshiba packs a mean obasan punch. It's perfect for viewing region 1 DVD's. However, as more region 2 DVD come with English subtitles, this player will not be the best for your anime needs. When a DVD does work, which is most, the picture and sound quality is more than enough for the price (especially on employee discount. Tee-hee? You bet). If you get the region-free SD-2200 player (I know it's out there), I'm sure it'd be among the best out there. Nutshell: If it were human, I'd make love to it. Anime comparative: Mokona (What? Belldandy was taken).

Unless you're a huge Haunted Junction fan.

George Velez

Testing equipment:

Toshiba S-2200 DVD Player
Creative PC-DVD Dxr3 6x Package
Yamaha HTR-5250 DD/DTS Receiver
Toshiba 27A50 TV
Digital Optical Monster Cable
Component Video Monster Cable

Focus on the following DVD's:

Independence Day
Cowboy Bebop - Session 1
Blue Sub No. 6 - Blues
Twin Angels
Haunted Junction
Bubblegum Crisis 2040 - DVD 1
The Slayers Box Set - DVD 1
Urusei Yatsura Box Set - DVD 1 + 2


Features from Toshiba Website:


ColorStream Component Video Output
10-bit 27MHz Video DAC with High-Resolution Filter
540 Lines Horizontal Resolution
Parallel Video Output
S-Video Output
Composite Video Output
10-bit Video DAC
Video Black Level Expansion

HDCD(r) Decoding and Precision Filtering
Built-In Dolby(r) Digital Decoding with 5.1 Channel Analog Outputs
Toslink Digital Audio Output
One Pair of Analog Audio Outputs
Spatializer(r) N-2-2(tm) Virtual Surround Sound
Parallel Audio Output
24-bit PCM Audio Compatible (minimum 96kHz)
Dolby(r) Digital & DTS(r) Compatible
Coaxial Digital Audio Output
Dynamic Range Control

DVD/VCD/CD Playback
DVD/CD Text Compatible
Dual Disc Twin Tray(r) System
First Setup Menu
4-Power Picture Zoom
Parallel A/V Outputs
X2 Playback
x2, x8, x30 Forward and Reverse Scan
1/8, 1/4, 1/2 Slow Motion: Forward and Reverse
DVD-Video/CD Playback
Parental Lock
Time Search
Icon-Based On-Screen Displays
Bit-Rate Meter
Camera Angle Select
Multi-Language Select
Multi-Subtitle Select
Title Stop


Extended info researched:

General Features:

- 2-disc dual-tray design with disc exchange feature
- Plays DVD-Video, Video CD, and audio CDs
- HDCD(r) compatibility
- Region 1

Video Features:

- 27MHz/10-bit video D/A converter
- Forward/reverse scan search
- Forward/reverse slow motion effects
- Forward frame-by-frame advance
- Zoom with 4 magnification levels and 5 left-to-right positions
- 540 lines of horizontal resolution
- Video black level expansion (PLUGE pattern)
- Screen saver
- Parallel video output

Audio Features:

- 96kHz/24-bit audio D/A converters (3 DACs total)
- Built-in Dolby Digital decoder
- DTS digital out
- HDCD decoding and precision filtering
- Spatializer N-2-2 virtual surround sound
- Dynamic range control
- Karaoke vocal
- CD attenuation
- Parallel audio output

Convenience Features:

- Program, random, and repeat play modes
- On-screen menu icons
- Parental lock feature
- Resume play (while the unit is on)
- Remote control audio confirmation
- DVD/CD text
- Fluorescent display dimmer (bright, dim, off)
- Screen background colors (blue, gray)

Front-Panel Control:

- Play, stop, pause, skip/search forward/reverse, open/close
- Disc select

Remote Control:

- Model #SE-R0031
- Color-coded buttons and button groups
- Play, stop, pause/step, skip/search forward/reverse, slow forward/reverse
- Zoom
- Disc select
- 3D virtual surround sound
- Subtitle, audio track, and angle
- Top menu, menu buttons
- Cursor control, enter (joystick)
- Setup button for player menus
- Display button (for status, bit-rate meter, and DVD text screens)
- Repeat and random play
- Repeat A-B button
- Direct access to title / time button
- Numeric buttons for random access to chapters and time
- Remote control audio confirmation


- Gold-plated output jacks
- Component video (1)
- S-video (1)
- Composite video (1)
- Stereo analog outputs (1)
- 5.1-channel audio output (1 set)
- Optical digital audio output (Toslink) (1)
- Coaxial digital audio output (1)


- Audio S/N (CD): 112 dB
- Dynamic range: CD audio: 106 dB
- THD (CD): 0.001%

Power Requirements:

- 120V A/C, 60 Hz
- Power consumption: 16 Watts
- Energy Star compliant
- Auto power-off function

Weights and Dimensions:

- Weight/mass: 3.5 kg
- Dimensions: 430 mm (W) x 102 mm (H) x 313 mm (D)

Included "Accessories":

- Remote control, supplied with 2 AAA batteries
- A/C power supply cord
- composite video and stereo audio cables


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