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The Tower of DRUAGA - the Aegis of URUK - Episode 04

By Chris Beveridge     April 29, 2008
Release Date: April 25, 2008

The Tower of DRUAGA - the Aegis of URUK - Episode 04

What They Say
Jil and his party set out on their expedition among the other Climbers and face their first battle. However, their struggle against the powerful foe Kusarakk is harder then they had expected as their teamwork has not yet been refined to say the least. Ahmey is the only member who has experience as a Climber and they follow her confident guidance. They listen to her advice regarding battle strategies and numerous rules of thumb about Climbing. Now equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills, they resume to confront the Kusarakk again.

The Review!
Making their way into the Tower, Jil and his party face a tough crowd of monsters very early on.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The fourth episode of The Tower of Druaga takes the show firmly back into the Tower itself and that helps to move things along quite well. In fact, the show has made another shift as well by bringing in a bit more of the light comedy elements which helps to offset some of the darker material from the previous two episodes. The show has been looking to find its balance after that first strong comedy episode and this one has managed it quite well by keeping to the action, fantasy and comedy without any one element overwhelming the other.

Not unlike the past episodes, there is a bit of a split focus on where the story goes. The core storyline is the more interesting of the two though the subplot one begins to introduce things that will likely have a much larger impact later in the series. The primary story of Jil and his party is one that continues to please quite a lot. Though they've just entered the Tower, they're finding themselves rather unprepared for what they're dealing with. This doesn't bode well for the upper levels of the Tower and they have to face this issue head first before going on. What works with this is that while we've seen them deal somewhat with darker moments in the previous two episodes, they deal with it in a lighter tone this time. Running away, showing it from a growing distance and having them react in a way that elicits laughter just works very well. In particular, the presence of Melt really helps since he's a bit more flamboyant without being outlandish.

The subplot storyline following Neeba and his party is one that doesn't get a lot of time this episode but it has some key moments to it that are important. The way the group has been working together is quite streamlined, but the reasons for it start to become clearer when Fatina realizes someone is watching them. Though she doesn't take her down, it gives Neeba a chance to go searching and we discover that it's someone that he knows. The mysterious woman knows his plans to defeat Druaga and is encouraging him forward with it while also noting openly that the reason he works so well with the group is because he doesn't really care if they live or die. This little comment goes a long way towards explaining why he booted Jil out of the party early on since he's definitely shown compassion for his little brother. Along with all of this, we get some very brief moments with Pazuz as well with what he's up to and the massive army that's moving through the Tower in an attempt to clear things out.

In Summary:
While there aren't any major movements forward in this episode, we get to see things come together rather well for Jil and his party. Their first real exposure to the Tower as a group has highlighted their weaknesses and is forcing them to deal with them while applying their strengths. Their storyline is the one that made all of this work, from the lighthearted moments such as the mad race across the bridge to the later battle against the spider monsters in which they fought hard and with a serious purpose. The only downside to this episode is that because the cast is as large as it is, nobody really gets enough quality time together. The closest we get are some quiet moments between Jil and Kaaya which help to paint their lives a little bit better. But that's not really a criticism as the show is flowing very well and this episode has again cemented it as one of the more enjoyable Gonzo series I've seen in recent memory.

Japanese 2.0 Language,English Subtitles

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