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The Tower of DRUAGA - the Aegis of URUK - Episode 10

By Chris Beveridge     June 10, 2008
Release Date: June 06, 2008

The Tower of DRUAGA - the Aegis of URUK - Episode 10

What They Say
Jil's party has now reached the "Shrine of Diamond". The top floor and their ultimate goal "Shrine of Sky" is now close at hand. Neeba's party, the Uruk Army and Pazuz go their separate ways in order to reach the top of the Tower. As the respective parties continue their quests, each and every Climber's dreams, objectives and ambitions are intermingled and eventually develop into a fierce battle, marking another chapter in the history of the Tower of demon god.

The Review!
Inching ever closer to the top of the tower, the party is challenged by something new as the ultimate evil awaits them.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The journey of Jil's party through the Tower has been a lot of fun to watch, especially as it's alternated between the serious and silly. The blending of the two has paid off as well which is something of a rarity and the overall combination has made this quite the winning fantasy series. The tenth episode however shifts to a mostly serious tone as it deals with the Shrine of Diamond level which is just before the Shrine of Sky in which Druaga resides.

The climb through the Shrine of Diamond is an interesting one in comparison to some of the past levels as it's essentially a frozen wasteland filled with whipping windows and snow. The brutality of it is certainly strongly felt by the various parties making their way through it. They know relatively little about it though as few parties have ever made it this far, and none have returned from the Shrine of Sky before either. The Shrine of Diamond is a challenge for Kaaya in particular as she ends up exhausting herself with her magic to try and keep everyone warm. This provides for a bit of downtime where Jil learns something he hadn't about this entire endeavor, a thing that could pretty much destroy the party.

In their quest, Jil has been primarily focused on defeating Druga and gaining the status of a hero, thereby erasing the dishonor of his father. The secondary notice has been that of the Rod itself which will grant wishes. Or, as Melt informs him, a single wish, which is why parties form around a shared idea. This was unknown to poor Jil and he's completely unaware of what everyone wants, but realizes quickly that they don't all want the same thing. The growing harmony of the part is quickly destroyed by this new uncertainty and Jil takes it very hard. Even worse, it comes at a time when he has to abandon the party temporarily to help his brother who is getting quite close to the Shrine of Sky as well, which means the competition is heating up.

In Summary:
The episode does a lot of things well in balancing out all of this while also gearing up for the big finale that's coming up really soon. The shift from the Shrine of Diamond to the Shrine of Sky sets the stage well as it shows the forces that are working behind the scenes while the King nods on knowingly about what is about to happen. The various parties that are at work here, be it Jil's, Neeba's, the army or Pazuz, all of them have their own agendas and they're about to be confronted with something startling. The mystery of it all and the uncertainty of where it may go is surprisingly tangible and it has me very much looking forward to seeing what they'll do. While the series has its moments of predictability, by and large it's been an engaging watch where you can't be quite sure which way they'll go. As surprising as it is at times, the show only seems to get better and better.

Japanese 2.0 Language,English Subtitles

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