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The Tower of DRUAGA - the Aegis of URUK - Episode 12

By Chris Beveridge     June 24, 2008
Release Date: June 20, 2008

The Tower of DRUAGA - the Aegis of URUK - Episode 12

What They Say
Jil comes to the conclusion that in order to defeat Druaga, he must join hands with other warriors such as Fatina and Kelb. Jil has devised a strategy that takes advantage of the tower's terrain and he explains this plan to the others. To seize the only-feeble opportunity they have, Jil makes the decision to fulfill his calling as a Guardian by volunteering to be the decoy. Seeing how Jil has become such a reliable fighter as opposed to the underdog he was at the beginning of this journey, Kaaya is moved to tears. With the fate of his fellow climbers on his shoulders, Jil confronts the demon god once again.

The Review!
As the ending turns suddenly into a halfway point, The Tower of Druaga - the Aegis of Uruk - hits up the action and emotion side with only a dash of humor.

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The downside to watching a show live is plainly evident when you deal with something like The Tower of Druaga - the Aegis of Uruk - where the end of its twelve episode run is revealed to be but the first stage in something bigger. So much has gone into the conquering of the Tower by the Climbers that when they do reach their final destination, to find that it's setting things up for an even bigger stage means you've got a lot more to look forward to. Next year. Scheduled for sometime in 2009, the Sword of Uruk phase is set to begin.

As a halfway point and an ending unto itself, The Tower of Druaga - the Aegis of Uruk - comes across quite well as it pushes strongly how far things have changed since the beginning. The growth of Jil's party has been solid throughout and they've grown close after many challenges and the sudden death of Ahmey. Her death rocked them pretty hard as did the realization that other parties have found equal issues along the way. The cobbled group that's huddled together, made up of Neeba's party and Kelb's meager attendant points to just how badly everything went when they did finally reach Druaga himself. With Neeba still missing however, all eyes do turn to Jil as he's managed to earn enough of a reputation to date as well as being the only one to actively suggest things.

It's in Jil that the greatest growth has come about as he's faced enormous pressures and survived them along the way. Not without moments of comedy of course, but The Tower of Druaga - the Aegis of Uruk - brought in a fair bit of seriousness as well to help balance it all out. That seriousness worked very well in showcasing his growth and dealing with the problems that came along. Of course, in a twelve episode series you can do only so much depth, but The Tower of Druaga - the Aegis of Uruk - managed to do it rather well considering they're taking a video game and reworking it into this. Jil didn't exactly make me believe that he's a rock solid hero who can pull through when needed, but he made me believe he could within the context of this world. And that works extremely well in bring it all together.

Like any good ending point in going against the boss, a good chunk of the episode is dedicated to the fight against Druaga. The first half deals with the realization of all that's come before and rounding up the courage to take him down, along with figuring out a plan that's not completely crazy. When it shifts into the actual fight after a bit of teasing romance between Kaaya and Jil, the series pays off quite well as layers in a number of small revelations about what's really going on. With small insights provided about Gilgamesh's battle with him and the scope of what's going on, The Tower of Druaga - the Aegis of Uruk - ends on a note that provides solid closure for all that's come but also sets the stage for the next level.

In Summary:
What an interesting ride this series has been. While it opened with one of the best comedy episodes I've seen in an age, it managed to go in a completely different direction for awhile before finding a solid balance of the two. Taking game based adventures and using comedy and serious action through a wonderful blend, The Tower of Druaga - the Aegis of Uruk - quickly became one of the more enjoyable series I've seen this year. Even better is that it was a really good way to get into seeing a streamed show live as it aired in Japan. The downside of course is that it now will take quite a bit of time to see more of it and there's still the desire to see it either in high definition or something better quality as well as dubbed. This is a series that really needs a lot more exposure and is one I hope easily gets picked up for home video release. Definitely worth checking out and hopefully a series that Gonzo will utilize the subtitles for on its own home video release to help minimize the wait for the crazy people like myself that want it quickly.

Japanese 2.0 Language,English Subtitles

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