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Toy Fair 09: G.I. Joe Toys

The Rise of Cobra starts NOW!

By Robert T. Trate     February 17, 2009

Deep Six on display at Toy Fair 09
© Trate


The Internet is already burning with images of Hasbro’s new G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra movie figures. The movie is months away but Mania was on hand and got the latest images on all the best G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra figures, vehicles and play sets. There are several figures in the collection that are a part of the G.I. Joe mythology however they are not present in the film. Hasbro has done it’s best to appeal to collectors, kids and new fans by merging the new movie, the cartoon and most importantly the comic into one giant line.
Like I mentioned some will be directly from the new film whereas others will be characters that we all love and admire from the cartoon and comic. Deep Six (who in my opinion looks more like Torpedo) and Shipwreck unfortunately will not be the film. However look for Zartan, Cover Girl and all the other characters in the film to have striking resemblances to the actors portraying them. The big downer on the action figures was that there were no images or likenesses of Cobra Commander at the toy fair.


Big, small, affordable and expensive Hasbro will run the gauntlet with every vehicle imaginable. Some are just re-issues. Others are completely redesigned. They really did a poor job on the Cobra Nightraven. It pales in comparison to the original. Way too kid friendly.


For some reason Hasbro is taking the concept of the Pit and making it into a giant vehicle play set. It looked like one giant toy waiting to break. I love the detail and the ping pong table but I would have preferred a stationary play set like the old Joe headquarters or Terror Dome. The funny thing is they can do this but Hasbro cannot figure out a way to do a Death Star for Star Wars.



We have 20 photos from the G.I. Joe exhibit here. So click on the header picture to see all the pictures in the gallery. My Toy Maniac Column this Friday will feature Hasbro’s new Star Wars and Marvel figures from Toy Fair as well.


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gauleyboy420 2/18/2009 12:30:27 AM

A-W-E-S-O-M-E, !!!!!

Whats that spell AWESOME!!!!! I don't care what anyone else thinks I cna't wait for the GI JOE movie, I was raised by three parents, GI JOE Every day at 4pm right after school, He-man 3:30  and Transformers 4:30, yeah so I got the times out of order wanna fight about it?

I loved them, ran home from the bus stop to watch them ,then play with the toys with my lil sister right after. GI JOE was the very first comic I ever collected. It cost $1.05 and I don't give a shit how different it looks. It looks BAD ASS and I'll be there openoing weekend It's gonna rock. Thank god for these super cool movies based on 30 minute long toy commercials from my youth. I love them. If you don't like em too bad, because I'll see it 4 times, meaning I'll make up for those of you who don't go see it and they'll make a sequel you'll hate just as much. Me I love it and can't wait!



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