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Toy Fair 2010: Marvel Universe and Iron Man 2

New Toys for Hasbro debut at Toy Fair

By Robert T. Trate     February 14, 2010

The new 19 inch Marvel Universe Galactus from Hasbro
© Marvel/Hasbro/Bob Trate


Last year Hasbro and Marvel had several reasons to be excited at Toy Fair. First of all they debuted their new 3.75 inch line of Marvel Universe figures. Long in coming was this series and a new standard for Marvel action figures was born. Sure the Marvel Legends series would still be around but their goal was to put as many of their characters in the 3.75 inch format as possible. Marvel and Hasbro also had X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Wolverine and the X-Men figures debuting too. To drive fans even crazier special 3.75 inch exclusive figures were released at the San Diego Comic Con (see article). There was a Nick Fury Marvel comic subscription incentive figure (see details) and a contest for the fans to vote on who they wanted to see next. Hasbro and Marvel both said 2009 was a pretty good year for them and based on the quality of the figures it was good for the fans as well.
Hasbro and Marvel released images and details about most of what they have prepared for 2010. The full breadth of their Marvel Universe line will make its debut at the San Diego Comic Con in July. There are exclusives again and they did reveal who the number one fan choice figure was, Mary Jane Watson with a bonus Miss Lion figure (yes you read that right).
A few weeks back I featured several of the new Marvel Universe figures in my Toy Maniac Column (seen here). I tried to keep the duplicates to a minimum and only show new items from Toy Fair. Yet after seeing how poseable the new Thor figure is I had to include yet another image of him (he quickly made my must have list). Hasbro and Marvel are releasing several new Spider-Man figures in the 3.75 inch line this year too. It will be its own series but this is clearly for a younger audience. I say that because when you see Snowboard Spider-Man you can only roll your eyes and move on.
The biggest and baddest figure in the lot is Galactus. He will retail for around $49.99 and come with the Silver Surfer. He has SFX and even lights up. I am not a huge fan of the character but this too made the must have list.

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos


Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

The line will again reach deep into the heart of the Marvel Universe and come up with new characters, incredible likenesses and brilliant points of articulation. The figures pictured here are set to be released in the spring. Hasbro and Marvel did give us a peek at one character for the fall, Thanos. Variant watchers should be on the lookout for the two different Vision figures. The Secret Wars two packs will run their course through the rest of the year and complete the 12 issues. Though pictured in Hasbro’s presentation but not actually on the floor were: Kitty Pryde, an A.I.M. Solider (by fat the coolest in the lot), the Iron Patriot, a Skull Soldier, Wrecker and the Winter Soldier.

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Iron Man 2:
A few weeks ago, in that first look at Hasbro for 2010, there were a few Iron Man figures. There will be in fact three different lines with very similar packaging. The first release will feature the “movie series” and the “concept series”. These figures will feature movie characters and concept armor not used in the film. The third series is the “comic series” featuring armor and characters from the Iron Man comic book. Titanium Man, Hulkbuster Armor Iron Man and the Guardsman will be in the first waves. Hasbro will package many of these figures with a “design your own armor feature” allowing you to create our own from additional parts. 

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Being collectors and fans we know that Hasbro and Marvel have to appeal to a younger audience as well. If not they are in danger of losing a generation of fan boys hungry for more comics and toys. I picked out some of the more kid friendly products that I thought you Maniacs would enjoy. The Iron Man Helmet may look like another helmet but the coolness factor is that the face plate lowers by itself and has Jarvis sound clips that you hear while wearing it. As for the Tony Stark (Iron Mash) Mr. Potato head figure, what more needs to be said? Iron Man Operation was just too funny not to include as you have to pull out faulty parts from Stark’s armor. Iron Man Rocket Boost may look like a giant Super Hero Squad figure but at ten and half inches it is completely bad ass. There is of course the obligatory race car for our superhero. Normally I would roll my eyes at this but for Tony Stark it totally works. If only they would have included Tony in his racing outfit.

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Super hero Squad:
Normally I would skip right over the Super Hero Squad figures. Since we here at Mania have been following the show (see the latest images) I thought I would include a few of the new characters slated for release. The big push for the SuperHero Squad this year will be vehicles. Not only will they have a Quinjet but a SHIELD Hellicarrier as well.

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Marvel Universe Toy Fair 2010 photos

Hasbro and Marvel promised tons of exclusive figures for Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Target. Most notably six inch Marvel Legend figures for Deadpool, Black Widow, Valkyrie, Hulk (Green with Ed McGuinness style head), Warpath and the Winter Solider are to be released only at Toys R Us. At the SDCC there will be a Mighty Mugg featuring an open masked Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr.’s likeness. There will be an Ages of Thunder Thor figure and a three pack of the Super Hero Squad featuring Doctor Doom in a bath robe holding a cup of coffee. 
Keep checking all this week as Mania’s own Toy Maniac attends the International Toy Fair in New York City.  
Robert Trate writes two weekly columns for Mania the DVD Shopping Bag and the Toy Maniac. Robert also participates in a pod cast that reviews movies, comics and celebrates all things geek. Check it out at You’ve Got Geek on


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redeem4god 2/14/2010 9:12:53 PM

First and foremost I am truly glad that someone reports on this. I think it is highly selfish and un-forward thinking on the toy industries part to make this a closed convention only to retailers etc etc. Hell half of them won't purchase the newest, best or coolest toys anyway. They will purchase whatever is the cheapest to stock their shelves with.

These companies can have private get togethers anytime. This is the one time they could make money of the geek industry and hype up the actual consumers that push their product right out of their hot little hands. Without the demand from us those so-called retailers won't bit.

I personally don't think these 3.75" dinky sized action figures are worth $8-10 really....I mean REALLY? For that price I want mine 7-9" tall incorporating better detail. The price of petroleum to make the plastic hasn't gone up that much to justify the ridiculous price. In my town these figures have been unmovable, often sitting for months with very little sales. Furthermore, there are several items pictured above that have been out for some time. The Large version of the "Super Hero Squad" Iron Man being marketed as Iron Man 2 has been out for at least a month selling for $30 @ Toys R Us. It's cool looking but really $30?

The Iron Man 2 Helmet is cool looking as well but NOT from Iron Man 2. Its design is from the Animated Iron Man show. Do these idiots really think geeks won't notice this stuff? I realize the marketing strategy of "Tie-Ins" for movie promos but C'MON!!! At least make sure it is all based on the movie and not on several versions. Another Potato Head iteration? 2 Star Wars films, 2 TF and Indiana Jones....Hrrrmmmm this is a tired idea.

Thank you Robert for reporting from this show and I am sorry that it hasn't been more fruitful for your time well spent. Although I am with you on that Galacticus.

Dazzler 2/15/2010 4:35:28 AM

I do watch the squadies.  They actually reference a lot of continuity from comics in the show which is impressive.  I saw the ad for Galactus for season final and looking forward to it, that figure for him is also cool I might have to get. 

Wiseguy 2/15/2010 5:20:14 AM

Pretty cool stuff indeed. Agree with redeem that this would be super cool if it was opened up for everybody. They can do 2 days for industry folk and then open it up for the fans. I think SDCC does something like that, the first day for insiders then everyone else.

Loving the Juggernaut and Colossus figures. I'm crossing my fingers hoping that Sideshow does this 2 characters in maquettes or Premium format figures

themovielord 2/15/2010 6:49:39 AM

redeem4god, thanks for the post! I have a ton more stuff coming so get ready!

DarthDuck 2/15/2010 10:50:30 AM

As wiseguy said - those Colossus and Juggernaut figures are impressive!  Big fan of the power guys and Colossus is my favorite X-Man!

SHS is hilarious.  While it is aimed at kids there are more than enough jokes for a grown up Marvel zombie!


I think running Toy Fair the way they do creates excitment and a level of mystery to it.  Yeah it sucks most of us can't go but that just fuels the hype around all the announcement and reveals.

gauleyboy420 2/15/2010 12:29:44 PM


raynardmuldrake 2/15/2010 3:32:30 PM

wait wait..Galactus is all wrong..according to FF4 2...Galactus is some big tornado/cloud looking thing!

LOL but seriously...Gotta have the Galactus!!

DeeJay4ADay 2/17/2010 8:24:21 PM

Toy Fair seems like an interesting event--- and one which I know almost nothing about. Wise, Dazz, Gauley & Darth... any of you ever attended? I'm curious as to whether the convention is dominated by the major toy makers, or if some new entries to the industry get a noticeable amount of play...



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