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Betenoire 2/17/2010 2:53:02 PM

redeem4god-I have the POTF AT AT and this new one owns that. This new on has doodrson both sides, has a much bigger cocpit, has a tow level thing going in the back , the thing to lower figues, the gun on the front/top of the back and the side guns on the head don't look to be launching missles. Joy for being single I guess as this beastie will be mine (and with luck I can find it on sale super cheap like the last few giant vehicles/playsets.


And the cloud car will be mine, as I have wanted one for years since my original one was damaged (which happens when you are a kid 30 years ago and playing with toys.

themovielord 2/17/2010 6:54:01 PM

Betenoire, The Cloud Car has all kinds of hiddden weapns and splits apart too! ~ Robert Trate

Betenoire 2/18/2010 11:53:05 PM

Ohh~ I saw the bit about the weapons, but splitting up too... Big time must get.

rolandobabel 5/26/2010 11:26:34 AM

Hi there,

I had a look around, but does anybody know where these toys can be sold,

or when these toys will be sold?

And by the way; the next step for the at-at would be one that can fire real lasers,

this shouldnt be too hard nor expensive, as you can buy a laserpen for 5 dollars?

Roland from Holland

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