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Toy Fair 2012 Diamond Select Preview

Marvel, Night Rider, and the Munsters!

By Robert T. Trate     February 09, 2012


Toy Fair begins this weekend and Mania’s Toy Maniac will be running the halls of Javits Center bringing you all the latest new toys. Diamond Select Toys has already released images of several new figures, Minimates, and collectibles. A few of these heroes and villains are even out now. There will undoubtedly be more from Diamond Select Toys this coming week. Fear not as I, Mania’s Toy Manic, chime in with an opinion or two of his own on these new releases.
Hawkeye from the Avengers Movie

Photos from Toy Fair 2012

“The Avengers movie is almost upon us, and Diamond Select Toys is building up the team in their Marvel Select action figure line! First up is the Avengers' newest recruit and the world's greatest marksman, Hawkeye! Based on the likeness of actor Jeremy Renner, this 7-inch-scale Marvel Select figure comes with his trademark bow and arrows, and will look perfect alongside your other Select Avengers. Plus, he features 16 points of articulation, for a variety of action poses! Not shown is Hawkeye's detailed display base -- it combines with the base of our mystery movie villain figure to create a scene from the movie, and everything comes in oversized collector packaging, so you can show off the figure without opening it. But Hawkeye is only available on the specialty market, so pre-order him today through your local comic shop or favorite online retailer, and expect him to hit stores sometime in May. Avengers Movie Hulk and the movie's mystery villain are also available for pre-order now, and Thor, Loki, WWII Captain America and the Red Skull are in stores now! Info about Avengers Movie Iron Man is coming soon.” – DST
Toy Maniac Opinion: While I love Jeremy Renner in the role, it is hard to escape the look we all associate with Marvel’s Hawkeye. Movie figures are always a tough sell for me, especially before the movie. I’ll just have to wait and see.
Fear Itself Marvel Minimates

Photos from Toy Fair 2012

“One of the biggest comic events of 2011 -- one whose effects are still rippling through the Marvel Universe -- was Fear Itself. The massive Marvel Comics crossover, which saw eight mystical hammers fall into the hands of the world's worst villains (and some of its greatest heroes, as well), gave us some amazing battles... as well as some sweet new costumes! To commemorate the Earth-shattering storyline, Diamond Select Toys is releasing two box sets of Marvel Minimates: The Worthy and The Mighty!

Photos from Toy Fair 2012

 The Worthy box set includes Cul, The Serpent (the Asgardian god of fear); his herald Skadi (a.k.a Sin, the Red Skull's daughter); Mokk, Breaker of Faith (formerly the Grey Gargoyle); and Angrir, Breaker of Souls (formerly the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing). The Mighty box set includes Asgardian All-Father (and Cul's brother) Odin, as well as Spider-Man, Hawkeye and Iron Man in their final battle costumes, with their dwarf-forged uru-metal weapon (Iron Man not shown). Look for these to arrive this summer.” – DST
Avengers Minimates Assemble for the All-Star Movie Line-Up:

Photos from Toy Fair 2012

Thor. Iron Man. Captain America: The First Avenger. The Incredible Hulk. Diamond Select Toys has made Minimates for each of the key Marvel movies so far, and now they're making Minimates for the most action-packed Marvel movie yet! Hitting stores this spring will be two assortments of figures, one exclusively available at Toys "R" Us stores and on, and another only at comic book shops and specialty stores. Look for them in late April/ early May, and be sure to collect them all.” – DST

Photos from Toy Fair 2012

Toy Maniac Opinion: Minimates have never been my thing. I think they look cool but I’ll always take a Diamond Select Figure over a Minimate any day.
The Amazing Spider-Man: the Upcoming Marvel Select Toy

Photos from Toy Fair 2012

At the end of the summer, the world will be treated to a new Spider-Man movie, The Amazing Spider-Man will feature a new villain, a new costume, a new Peter Parker and a new take on the wall-crawler's origin. Diamond Select Toys has been hard at work on their toys and other merchandise for the film and the Marvel Select figures of Spider-Man and the Lizard now available for pre-order.
Toy Maniac Opinion: I hate saying it but even after seeing the most recent preview, I am not sold on this new suit design. That could all change come July 3rd. This could become the “Garfield Suit” after that. This is, however, a cool figure with tons of Spider-Man necessary articulation.
Eddie and Marilyn Munster

Photos from Toy Fair 2012

“By now you’ve all likely picked up the first three Munsters action figures from Diamond Select Toys: Herman, Lily and Grandpa. Well, your family is about to get bigger! Lily and Herman’s werewolf son Eddie Munster and his older cousin Marilyn Munster are the next two family members to arrive, and they’ll be sharing a two-pack when they hit stores this summer! Sculpted by Jean St. Jean, the figures are in the same 7-inch scale as the previous figures, and are based on the likenesses of actors Butch Patrick and Pat Priest. Plus, they come with two keen accessories — Eddie’s stuffed animal Wolfy and the collar for their giant dragon” – DST
Toy Maniac Opinion: The designs are okay but I wasn’t even aware that they madeHerman, Lily and Grandpa. It’s great that collectors will be able to finish out their sets.  
Minimates Vehicle KITT

Photos from Toy Fair 2012

“With Super Pursuit Mode KITT out in stores now as part of Minimates Vehicles Wave 3 (along with the villainous KARR), we've been thrilled to see such an overwhelmingly positive response from not only casual Knight Rider fans, but also the die-hard Knight Rider fan community at large! Nick Nugent, author of the Knight Rider Companion, took a ride out to the dry El Mirage lake bed in California -- where the show's opening sequence was filmed -- and took some great photos of SPM KITT and Michael Knight against a beautiful sunset.” – DST
Toy Maniac Opinion: Cool design but, again, not a huge Minimate fan.
Marvel Select Avengers Movie Hulk:

Photos from Toy Fair 2012

“This past weekend, Superbowl watchers were treated to the new Avengers trailer showing the heroes in action, including our first full look at the gargantuan Hulk. Well, the Marvel Select toy line has been making waves lately with its larger figures, which tower over other entries in the 7-inch-scale line, and last week they finally unveiled their movie version of the Hulk! Standing 8.25 inches tall, he stands a good inch taller than the rest of the movie-based Avengers DST has made, and features 16 points of articulation for a full range of smashing. He's available for pre-order now from your local comic shop and from online retailers” –DST
Toy Maniac Opinion: With Movie Avenger designs of Cap, Loki and Thor already available, the Hulk is a no-brainer.
Out in Stores NOW!
Marvel Select Green Goblin

Photos from Toy Fair 2012

The Green Goblin stands 7 inches tall with 16 points of articulation, one interchangeable pumpkin bomb hand and a removable satchel, His detailed Goblin Glider display base has an 8.5-inch wingspan and sits perched atop a coil of smoke.
Toy Maniac Opinion: Incredible sculpt and a perfect Goblin to battle any Spidey you have sitting around. Hopefully, with Oscorp being seeded into the new movie, we’ll see a Green Goblin with this look in the next film. It better be this look instead of another poor man’s Power Ranger villain.
One Colossal Figure: Colossus

Photos from Toy Fair 2012

“Diamond Select Toys has released over 60 figures in their Marvel Select line, all in a consistent 7-inch scale, and the year 2012 marks the line's tenth anniversary. To celebrate, DST has several great figures planned, including figures based on the movies The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, but the first figure to hit stores during our anniversary year is Colossus! The X-Men mainstay who transforms into solid steel checks in at a towering 8.25 inches tall, and his 16 points of articulation give him a wide range of movement. To see how he stands up against another Marvel Select figure, we sent him and Gambit to the Danger Room, to get in some practice sparring. We even tested him against the giant spiked panel that he comes with! – DST
Toy Maniac Opinion: Was never really a huge fan of Colossus, but I love this figure. It has an incredible sculpt and perfect articulation making it a perfect Diamond Select Figure to add to the ever growing collection.
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Check out Mania all next week for our complete Toy Fair 2012 Coverage.
Robert Trate writes three weekly columns for Mania: the DVD Shopping Bag, the Toy Maniac, and The Geek Life. Follow Robert on Twitter for his for Geek ramblings, Cosplay photos and film criticisms.


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Wiseguy 2/10/2012 1:20:43 PM

Sounds like fun Rob. Keep us abreast.

Is this open to the public or just media types?

themovielord 2/10/2012 2:06:27 PM

 Media, toy buyers, comic book store owners.... it really is the best con of the year. 

demonfire 2/12/2012 4:56:55 PM

love that collusus and hulk figures . spider man one could have been enough plus love how they manage to get the green goblins glider to pose. as for the minimates not my thing.



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