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Toy Fair Revisited - McFarlane Toys

We kick off our visit to last week's International Toy Fair in New York with a look at the McFarlane Toys showroom

By Scott Collura     February 21, 2002

Well, it's that time again here in New York Citytime for the American International Toy Fair. Last week saw the convergence upon Manhattan Island of thousands of manufacturers, distributors, importers and sales agents from all over the world, all with the express purpose of showing off their latest and hottest toys which are due to be released this year. It's a toy fanatic's dream come true!

And it's also a bit of a nightmare, with so much territory to cover in so little time, not to mention having to contend with rabid salesmen and sometimes stand-offish personnel. But we'd be remiss in our duties here at CINESCAPE if we didn't offer you the best possible coverage of the event that we could, so to that end we fought the good fight, infiltrated as many genre-related toy companies that we could, and snapped as many cool pictures as possible. And while you'll find everything at Toy Fair that could possibly be considered a "toy"from bicycles, games, and party favors, to puzzles, preschool play, and computer softwarethe decision was made early on to limit our coverage to the realm of action figures. Besides the fact that that's where the truly cool products are, it was also the only way for us to maintain our sanity during the event! (Either that or make a dozen clones of each attending CINESCAPE staffer in order to hit each company. Too bad they haven't released that cloning lab play set yet.)

In the days to come, we'll continue to offer updates on the various companies we visitedalong with loads of picturesbut we decided to kick off our coverage of Toy Fair with our visit to the McFarlane Toys showroom. Todd McFarlane's company has in the space of a few short years become a true trendsetter in the industry, providing some of the coolest action figures on the marketincluding the deadly and detailed Movie Maniacs line, AUSTIN POWERS and SHREK figures, KISS and other music oriented lines, and much more. This year looks to be no different, with two new groups of Spawn figures, a fifth batch of Movie Maniacs, tons of sports related figures, three new video game licenses, and more heavy metal dolls such as Iron Maiden's ghoulish mascot Eddie.

Of particular note during our visit to McFarlane's showroom were the Clive Barker's Tortured Souls 2: The Fallen line and H.R. Giger-inspired dioramas. We weren't permitted to photograph these items just yet, but they look to continue in the grand McFarlane tradition. So let the picture viewing begin!

Click here to check out page 1 of the photos from the McFarlane Toys showroom.

Click here to go directly to the Movie Maniacs 5 photos.


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