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Toy Fair Revisited - Toy Biz

Spider-Man toys and more at Toy Biz's 2002 Toy Fair showroom!

By Scott Collura     March 02, 2002

A trip to Toy Biz's annual Toy Fair display all but guarantees a good time for any comic fan, seeing as much as the toy company is in fact a division of Marvel Enterprises. So it's no wonder then that Toy Biz are the lucky blokes who got the much-cherished SPIDER-MAN movie action figure license. With the film a mere two months away now, the company has already released the first assortment of 6-inch figures, with two more to follow this month and then in August.

But that's not all that's going on at Toy Biz. There's also a new array of Marvel Comics-based figures to look forward to, with the Marvel Legends and Marvel Studios lines leading the pack. The Legends offer 6-inch versions of key characters like Hulk and Iron Man in their original, classic form, while the Studios line features detailed 12-inch collectibles such as Blade, Punisher and Wolverine.

Then there's also Toy Biz's LORD OF THE RINGS figures. With the next film, THE TWO TOWERS, already just around the corner, Toy Biz is keeping up the pace with new lines for both films in the series. Look for more FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING assortments in April and June, with TWO TOWERS toys to follow in the fall.

Click here to check out page 1 of the photos from the Toy Biz showroom.


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