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Toy Lust: FREE Spidey Kubricks For C2F Readers!

By Rob M. Worley     August 03, 2003

You know you want it! 

A cool set of Spider-ManKubricks are yours for FREE thanks to Comics2Film's new sponsor Action-HQLimited!

Action-HQis the premiere toys and collectibles shop on the Internet, offering the mostunique range of American and Asian toys and collectibles to consumers worldwide.

Comics2Film and Action-HQ areteaming up for a special offer for C2F readers! Click over to Action-HQ using thisspecial link and you'll be able to score a set of vinyl, Spider-Man Kubrickswhen you make a purchase of just $15 or more. You get both the Comic and theMovie Version with this great offer!

Just browse through theirselection of action figures, models, import video games, anime and more. You'resure to find something sweet from Action-HQ's wide range of products such asexclusive Japanese Star Trek starships, Asian T3 figures, advance release TombRaider figures, Gundam models and a whole lot more!

Purchase $15 worth ofcollectible fun and be sure to put the Spider-Man figures in your cart as well.At the checkout look for a space to enter your promo code and then type in: COMICS2FILM

Just like that, the Spider-Mantoy set is free!

The Kubrick Spider-Man figureis whopping 6" tall and articulated in the neck and shoulders. Thesefigures will tower over your normal ones and are a must-have for all Spider-Man,Kubrick and Lego fans!

The offer expires August 31 sodon't delay! Shop today!


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