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Wiseguy 3/9/2012 12:59:07 AM

I have the original Sideshow premium format figure. I'm not as enamored with him as some so I never bought the  cyborg edtion.

I recently placed an order for the legendary scale Wolverine to accompany my 40inch IronMan. Darth Maul won't quite fit in

troopershades 3/9/2012 6:36:13 AM

 I have a few Maul things.  Key chain, action figure signed by Ray Park, 12" figure, card board standee, and a jar similar to the ceramic thing above.  I guess thats more than a few things.

Wyldstaar 3/9/2012 7:19:12 AM

I've got the Darth Maul Unleashed figure, which is really cool looking.  More of a statue than an action figure, but it looks awesome.  Admittedly, it looks less awesome in a box in the closet with all the rest of my Episode I stuff.  I generally try to pretend TPM didn't happen.

demonfire 3/11/2012 3:08:14 PM

i mange to get  the darth maul final duel figure along with the coffe mug the little flash drive looks like darths was trying out to be a cone head on snl

cerlewine4 6/4/2014 5:51:19 PM

 I need some help with a Darth Maul toy I had as a child. It was roughly between 12 and 18 inches tall and it wasn't plastic. It was rather squishy actually. like a stretch armstrong. I have no idea how to find it.  Everywhere that I've looked, all I find are plastic or acryllic. If anyone has even heard of a toy similar to the one I'm describing, your input would be greatly appreciated.



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