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  • Toy Line: Doctor Who
  • Action Figure: The Doctor
  • Distributor: Underground Toys
  • Suggest Retail: $14.99
  • Includes: 5 Adipose Figures
  • Series:

Toy Maniac: Doctor Who Toy Review

The Series 4 Doctor Arrives

By Robert T. Trate     July 24, 2009

David Tennant’s the Doctor figure
© Underground Toys


In the last year I have become obsessed with Doctor Who. An action figure for my toy self became a necessity. Last year at the San Diego Comic Con I witnessed, for the first time, the sheer magnitude of figures that are available for this series by Underground Toys. There were so many to pick from and a variety of exclusives (see the 2009 exclusives here). I had no clue what to get. All I knew was that I wanted David Tennant’s Doctor. Much to my surprise they were sold out. All the other dealers had their prices jacked up so I went home empty handed. Where was I going to get a Doctor Who action figure then except on the internet. The internet is a fine place to shop but I am the type of Toy Maniac that likes to look at the figure in person. I check out the details, see how the paint looks and see if the likeness is worth it. The internet is not a place to do that. So imagine my surprise when I walked into Toys R Us and there sitting between Mezco’s Hellboy 2 figures and their Spirit figures was Doctor Who just waiting for me.
The Package:
The Doctor is encased in plastic as if he was never meant to be opened. Many times in the past I have bought durable plastic containers like this to protect my carded figures. The design of the bubble is in the likeness of the Tardis. The design and colors look as if the Doctor is swirling through the opening credits. It would picturesque if there weren’t numerous stickers on the package. There is a sticker for the Doctor Who game included inside. The warning: choking hazard sticker is probably a necessity as the Doctor does have five little Adipose aliens with him. However does said sticker have to go on the series four logo? David Tennant’s doctor usually wears two different pin striped suits. One is blue and one is brown. The figure is in the blue suit yet the real picture of Tennant has him in the brown one. That to me is just lazy. The final discrepancy is that the Doctor inside the package has glasses on where the one pictured on the back with the rest of series 4 (see gallery) does not.

Upon closer examination, once out of the box, the Doctor is wearing a brown suit with blue pin stripes. The blue lines and the brown color tend to play tricks on the naked eye. This almost gives you two different figures depending on which light you put him in. The likeness is spot on, though the hair could be a bit crazier. The rest of the paint job is great. The Doctor does have over 12 points of articulation so he is actually quite poseable. There are no peg holes in his feet yet he stands on his own with no problems. The Chuck Taylor sneakers are instantly recognizable thus adding more kudos to the paint job. I mentioned the discrepancy in the glasses earlier. They do not come off. Some figures that do have eye glasses usually have tiny holes for them to stick in. The Doctor’s are attached. Which is all fine because I’ll never lose them however, this isn’t the same as the picture on the package. Furthermore the Doctor does not come with a sonic screwdriver. His right hand is poised to hold one yet it is not included.

There are five Adipose figures but only two are different. There are three of one kind and two of another. The glasses on the Doctor’s face do have tiny plastic lenses which is an incredible detail. Alas there is still no sonic screwdriver. The five tiny little globs of human fat cells and the Doctor Who game card don’t make up for its absence.

The Doctor joins the toy shelf but not as prominently as I thought he would be. The likeness is great but the glasses obscure too much of his face. Perhaps I will have better luck this year at the San Diego Comic Con and find some of the Doctor’s villains. Then again I could always get the Doctor in the Janis Joplin trench coat.
Toy Commercial of the week:
Look for Robert’s San Diego Comic coverage of Doctor Who and Torchwood coming soon!
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tombaker 7/29/2009 6:21:34 AM

i love doctor who, but they could have been a bit cooler with how he fights off his enemies "with his sonic screwdriver" at least now hearing it like that really makes me understand why all his companions go "a screwdriver?" wish they had all the doctors as toys. that would be kind of cool. could make a stop animation 10 doctors

themovielord 7/30/2009 9:04:29 AM

tombaker, they have them all as toys now. The SDCC was packed with older versions of the doctor . Some of them even were in black and white. Check out Underground Toys for more details...



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