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Betenoire 6/1/2012 12:33:17 AM

Does Hasbro have a choice? They need some presence in the toy isle lest they be forgotten. The real problem for Hasbro going forward may lay with retailers who clearanced out all the Renegades stuff in anticipation of the incoming movie waves to fill space on their shelves- whose layout is planned well in advance by retailers whose plans are now scuttled and who may wind up losing money because of this and who may carry a sizeable grudge going into the Christmas season- and to cover for the loses they may have incurred prepairing the shelves for the movie toys.

Given this was probably Hasbro’s big Christmas hope for sales this may be a two-for which hurts them both in the short term with no immediate sales and with lowered orders from retailers who have read the tea leaves and believe this movie may turn out to be a dog and not worth investing heavily in supporting.

In either case, this is definitely a major loss for Hasbro stock holders.


jedibanner 6/1/2012 6:03:17 AM

Yes indeed....damm 3D.

I'd really like to know the real reasons for this one. Why in this day and age can't people be honest enough to say the real thing: ''we need to seshoot more scenes, we need to re-write some scenes, etc...''.

Just say it, don't use an excuse like 3D crap.

If I was the Hasbro president, I'd fire a few peopel over this fiasco.

jsmulligan 6/1/2012 6:41:28 AM

Someone obviously didn't think through all the ramifications of making this move.  G.I. Joe isn't just another movie, it is obviously connected to toys and merchandise that someone was counting on selling.  I agree with Jedi, I think some heads are going to roll over this.


On an unrelated note, the school I work at was having their talent show the other day.  Several parents where there, and the dad sitting on the row in front of me had that Arashikage logo as a tatoo on his arm.

jppintar326 6/1/2012 2:13:51 PM

I have seen Cobra Commander and the Rock as Roadblock but not much else at stores.  I think they were better off just releasing the movie and let the chips fall where they may.

Betenoire 6/1/2012 6:23:33 PM

 @jedibanner- Given the movie is being done by Paramount Hasbro may have little to no say over the delay depending on how the contract was written and what rights they retained, and even then if Paramount can make the excuse that they are doing this to benefit the film (which they may be from what I've heard from those who have been test audience members as they say it was less inspiring than Rise of Cobra) then even with some Hasbro provision they may have an out. 

Maybe what they should have done was make sure they got a solid writer/writing team and a director known for more than the Step Up and Justin Bieber movies to direct. 

ElBaz13 6/2/2012 12:33:32 PM

They will take the Roadblock figures off the shelves to touch them up and add a voice box.

Press on the chest and he says "Who wants a body massage?"



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