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Toy Maniac: Must Have Marvel Legends: Avengers

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Toy Maniac: Must Have Marvel Legends: Avengers

Assembling the Avengers

By Robert T. Trate     April 27, 2012

There are already tons of Avengers toys out in the toy aisles. Undoubtably you have already picked up a few Captain Americas, a Thor, and even an Iron Man in the past few years. The Toy Maniac loves his action figures, but appreciates the hunt all the more. If you want to assemble a truly unique band of Avenges action figures I suggest those from the Marvel Legends line. The Marvel Legends line started back in 2002 with Toy Biz. In 2007 the line was taken over by Hasbro. The following figures are picked from the line’s last 10 years. 

From Series 7, Hawkeye features 39 points of articulation, a comic book, and a collector’s wall mountable display stand. What makes this our must-have Marvel Legends Hawkeye is his sky cycle and the assortment of arrows. 

Thor (Terrax Series)
This more modern take on Thor stands at 8" tall. He is the most recent figure on the must-have list. This Thor is also a part of the build a figure collection. Not as much on the frills as the previous figures are, but still incredibly cool. 
Modern Armor Iron Man

The Modern Armor Iron Man features 44 points of articulation. It also includes a custom poster book, a display stand, and an exclusive trading card.The figure hails from the 8th Series in the line. Why this one? It features a removable mask. Robert Downey Jr. has made the face of Tony Stark synonymous with the character, now. It is only fitting to have a figure that shows his alter ego. 

Ultimate Captain America
Don’t get me wrong, I love the wing head version of the star spangled Avenger. However, Ultimate Captain America just has a more realistic feel. This Cap has 42 points of articulation, a poster book, a wall mountable display stand, and exclusive trading card.

Black Widow - Toys R Us Exclusive

For me, it has to be the Black Widow with the short hair. This Toys R Us exclusive came with an alternate head and the Winter Soldier. Clearly the Black Widow figure to have. 

Limited Edition Hulk - Target Exclusive

I love and hate exclusives at the same time. I love it when I find them in the store. I hate it when I discover one 4 years later and the mark-up is insane. This is the best likeness of the Hulk in the line. Yet, he stands at 8 inches just like our Thor listed above. It is the sculpt and articulation that make him a must-have. 

Nick Fury

What are the Avengers without Nick Fury? Yes, I know this isn’t the Sam Jackson one, but that one doesn’t sit well with me anyway. The one they have produced doesn’t really look like the BAMF. On that note, the Marvel Legends line also needs an Agent Coulson. 

Agent Maria Hill

Marvel Two Packs can be a tricky thing. They are usually more for collectors and completists than little kid who wants a toy. Case in point is the Agent Hill and Iron Man two pack. Sure, we can get this Agent Hill and add her to our "must have" Avengers. The down side is we are stuck with the mid seventies to early eighties Iron Man.  

Robert Trate writes three weekly columns for Mania: the DVD Shopping Bag, the Toy Maniac, and The Geek Life. Follow Robert on Twitter for his for Geek ramblings, Cosplay photos and film criticisms. 


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jedibanner 4/27/2012 5:41:29 AM

Really like the Hulk in this one, way better then the one that was based on the Incredible Hulk movie.

This one is massive and ugly and looks powerful, how the Hulk should be.

batkruse 4/27/2012 7:33:42 AM

The HAWKEYE figure is my "white whale," I was just never able to find it in stores years back. It definitely is the best iteration of the character I have ever seen. And I always get outbid on eBay on it!

InnerSanctum 4/27/2012 12:43:19 PM

 So, is Hawkeye posing for Playgirl magazine?  

demonfire 4/29/2012 4:06:18 PM

got to admit love all the choices on this list for a marvel legend version of the avengers. including the hulk some some versions fall short. and that hawkeye nails him perfectly including the arrows . and that bow looking like maybe it could shoot them .



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