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  • Toy Line: Battlestar Galactica
  • Action Figure: Battle Damaged Cylon Pilot
  • Distributor: Diamond Select Toys
  • Includes: Pistol
  • Suggested Retail: $14.99
  • Series:

Toy Review: Battlestar Galactica Cylon Pilot

Battled Damaged Toys R Us Exclusive

By Robert T. Trate     January 22, 2010

The Battle Damaged Cylon Pilot by Diamond Select Toys
© Diamond Select


It almost seems like yesterday that Battlestar Galactica went off the air. A year has passed and surprisingly enough action figures still populate the toy shelves. Thankfully Toys R Us has several exclusive figures which keep other BSG figures on the shelf as well. While perusing their aisles, looking for the some post holiday sales I came across a classic Cylon. By classic I mean an original looking Cylon from the original BSG series circa 1978. They have appeared in Battlestar Galactica: Razor and a few episodes scattered throughout the end of the series. Though that very first time we saw one in the Galactica’s museum, during the mini series, was just enough to get our blood running. Though the new Cylons, outside of their human looking counterparts, are sleek the original ones just always had that certain something about them. Perhaps it was because they resembled an amalgam of Darth Vader (the mask) and his Stormtroopers. Perhaps it was just that single eye going back and forth with its hypnotic sound. Sorry Ronald Moore, but the v shaped eye never did it for me. Picking up a Cylon, even though it was battle damaged one, was a no brainer.
The Package:

Cylon Toy Images

The package is sleek, to the point and even comes cut like a piece of paper from the BSG series. The background on the front evokes those first few images of the original series’ opening. The back of the package lists only four other figures but thankfully lists which are exclusives and where you can order them from. There is a slight discrepancy in the packaging however. On both the front and the back it lists this particular Cylon as the Battle Damaged Pilot. Yet the UPC code lists it as the Freefall Cylon, the very same that fought with “Husker” Adama in Battlestar Galactica: Razor. Very interesting.

Cylon Toy Images

Make no mistakes about this isn’t anything like the old Star Wars-esque Cylons of the late seventies. It’s big, bad and beautiful. The details are amazing and despite it being “battle damaged” several areas in its armor still shine. It looks as if it was designed after the Terminator exoskeleton. Though no Terminator action figures I have ever come across were this articulate (see below). There is a more modern revision of his cape that hangs from his belt and appears to be almost chainmail. The one complainant is that as soon as the Cylon was taken from the package a piece immediately fell off (its right elbow cylinder). Though it says battled damaged I’m sure Diamond Select Toys didn’t mean a broken toy (see red arrow below).
Articulation and Accessories:

Cylon Toy Images

For as big and as clunky looking as this Cylon figure appears to be its points of articulation are amazing. Outside of the head the entire body moves into numerous guard and battle ready positions. The legs are by far the most unique part as it comes already crouched in the package yet can easily get another half an inch taller by extending them. Sadly this Centurion does not come with the sword or a rifle likes its seventies counterpart. It does come with a pistol and that too has the look of being used.  

Cylon Toy Images

I hate having to fix a toy two seconds after I take it out the package. It really makes me wonder about how many other collectibles sit there forever entombed in plastic harboring a similar dark secret. That alone really hurt the grading of this action figure. The entire line of the Battlestar Galactica figures is impressive and this one has an incredible likeness and spectacular points of articulation. Hopefully you’ll find one better than my actually Battle Damaged Cylon Pilot.
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mike10 1/22/2010 6:54:29 AM

 If only the Cylon figure had a red moving eye like the 1970's 12 inch figure it would be perfect.

Wyldstaar 1/22/2010 12:12:21 PM

Yeah, but the old 12" figure also had that stupid light up chest plate that didn't look anything like a proper Cylon from the series, and that goofy pistol molded into it's hand.  Still, it was better than the generic Colonial Warrior that was basically the same figure, but with no chrome chestplate and a different head.



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