Toy Review: Sideshow Exclusive G.I. Joe General Hawk and Viper -

Toy Review: Sideshow Exclusive G.I. Joe General Hawk and Viper

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  • Toy: General Hawk and The Cobra Viper
  • Toy Line: Sideshow Collectibles GI Joe Series
  • Suggested Retail: $134.99 (each)
  • Includes: See Below
  • Series:

Toy Review: Sideshow Exclusive G.I. Joe General Hawk and Viper

Two new premium 12 inch figures for G.I. Joe fans

By Tim Janson     April 01, 2012


G.I. Joe has always been the ultimate boy’s toy.  For decades kids have madly unwrapped their Christmas presents hoping to get a G.I. Joe or one of the many accessories.  Having grown up in the era when the 12” Joes were still in style, I can recall getting the Fight For Survival accessory set one year from Santa.  That was the dogsled set that came with three plastic husky dogs.  I STILL have the three Huskys and we put them under our own tree every year.  While Hasbro will still occasionally release commemorative editions of the 12” figures every few years, the basic line has given way to the smaller size Joes but the line continues to enjoy enormous popularity with new generations of kids…young and old alike.

But for the older, collector fan, when even the periodic release of 12” Joes by Hasbro just won’t do it, along comes Sideshow, the greatest maker of collectible toys and figurines on the planet, to take G.I. Joe to the next level.  With the next big screen film, G.I. Joe: Retaliation set to hit theaters in June, Sideshow is treating Joe fans to several new figures in their 1/6th scale line (12”) of figures.  These exclusive figures are all either available now, or will be rolling out over the next couple of months.  Today were giving you a look at two of these awesome new figures: The Cobra Viper and General Hawk.

The figures come in boxes that are roughly the size of large shoeboxes that fold out.  One side of the box has the figure itself while the other part of the box includes its horde of accessories.  The inner flaps of the box include an inventory of all the items that comes in the package and a bio of the figure.  The boxes feature the well-known red, white, and blue G.I. Joe logo with great graphics of the figure.  The back of the box includes the G.I. Joe file card which became popularized in the 1980s 3 ¾” line of figures that you can cut out…of course, there’s NO WAY you are going to cut these boxes…right???

Let’s start with a look at General Hawk, the original field commander of the Joe Team.  Hawk presents the kind of rugged, imposing figure you’d expect of a former Joe Team commander.  Subtle lines around his eyes hit at the General’s age but he looks like he’s still ready to take on any mission.  The clenched jaw and the slightly squinted eyes show a look of resolute determination.  Hawk comes with two different heads…one comes with a traditional army cap that is molded on, and the other head is without the cap but can be fitted with his army helmet.

The figure has over 30 points of articulation and includes the following items:

  • Detailed G1 Flight Jacket with Affixed Ribbon Rack and Badge
  • BDU Fabric Shirt with Affixed Badges
  • BDU Fabric Pants
  • Helmet
  • Go-Bag
  • MOLLE Belt
  • Riggers Belt
  • Shoulder Holster
  • .357 Revolver
  • 2x Speedloader
  • 2x Speedloader Pouch
  • Drop-Leg Holster
  • .45 Caliber Pistol
  • 2x .45 Caliber Pistol Magazines
  • Robinson Arms XCR(tm) PDW Rifle
  • Holographic Weapons Sight
  • 5x Magpul(R) PMAGs
  • Single Point Rifle Sling
  • 2x Universal Mag Pouches
  • XMLR-1 Laser Rifle
  • LMF Knife
  • LMF Knife Rig
  • 3x Frag Grenade
  • 2x Smoke Genade
  • Tactical Hand Held Radio
  • Water Bottle
  • Water Bottle Pouch
  • Wristwatch
  • Goggles
  • Shoulder & Nametape Patches
  • Dog Tags
  • Generous Assortment of Interchangeable Hands
  • 2x Pairs Detailed Switch Out Buckle Boots, including standing and action posed
  • 1:6 Scale GI JOE Figure Stand
Hawk is everything you’d expect a career, valorous military man to look like.  




Vipers are the backbone of the COBRA infantry force.  They are dangerous, highly-skilled, and well-equipped soldiers.  As the bottom rung of COBRA forces they had extremely motivated to perform well in battle and climb the ladder of COBRA success.  The Viper comes with two heads…one with his traditional helmet and visor, and the second without the visor, showing off a rather unpleasant looking guy with a scowl that looks like he’s ready to rip your face off and he probably is…He also has 30+ points of articulation.  The Viper’s loadout includes:

  • Cobra Viper head with helmet and visor
  • Fabric neck gaiter
  • Cobra Viper Infantry uniform including tactical shirt and padded pants
  • S.O.TECH(R) Plate Carrier
  • S.O.TECH(R) Hellcat Chest Harness
  • S.O.TECH(R) Rifleman's Pack
  • Riggers Belt
  • Cobra Viper Infantry Unit Patches
  • Cobra Logo Patches
  • Interchangeable gloved hands (x 3 sets)
  • Interchangeable boots (1 set standing, 1 set action)
  • Tactical Rope Coil
  • COBRA Viper Infantry Rank Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher
  • VM-STRIKER Ball Grenades (x 2)
  • Magpul(R) Masada Rifle
  • M68 CCO Red Dot Sight
  • 3X Optical Magnifier with flip-to-side mount
  • Nalgene bottles (x 2)
  • Vertical grip with flashlight
  • Aviator goggles with strap
  • Flashbang Grenades (x 2)
  • Viper Infantry Combat Knife with sheath
  • Magpul(R) PMAGS (x 7)
  • Sound Suppressor
  • Red Lightsticks (x 3)
  • Carabiners (x 2)
  • 12-inch display base with COBRA logo



The detail and the sheer number of accessories that these figures come with is simply incredible.  But you know you really have a quality item just by picking these figures up.  There’s a heft to them that exemplifies the quality materials that is used in their production.  Other figures to be feature include Rock ‘n’ Roll, The Crimson Guard, Dusty, and Black Dragon Ninja.  You can never go wrong with Sideshow.


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Wiseguy 4/2/2012 7:18:19 AM

Not that big a GI Joe fan but HotToys/Sideshow have the sixth scale Batman and Joker along with the Batmobile, pure awesomeness. Sideshow I think just got a DC license and will be doing the JL soon, good times. I'm gonna have to start putting in some overtime


What's up with the tiny font. I thought it was just Mr Trate but same thing here.

RobertTrate 4/2/2012 10:26:46 AM

 the font on my end is perfect (Bob Here). On the app it is a bit weird though.



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