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Toy Rings

Toy Biz introduces its action-packed toy line based on the new LORD OF THE RINGS movies

By Eric Moro     November 07, 2001

Toy Biz's Gandalf (the grey) action figure.
© 2001 New Line/Toy Biz

Excited about the upcoming release of New Line Cinema and director Peter Jackson's epic three-movie adaptation of THE LORD OF THE RINGS? Join the club! RINGS-mania is sweeping the planet, and having a strange effect on almost every entertainment-related industry it touches. When toy manufacturer and LOTR licensee Toy Biz learned of its involvement with the property, the fanboys that make up its ranks couldn't think of a more perfect union.

"We were completely overwhelmed when we got the license," says Toy Biz senior product manager Jesse Falcon. "We were very, very excited. I'd say we've got about 15 total people here designers and product managers in the boys' area and they're all massive Tolkien fans. The ones that aren't are massive Peter Jackson fans. It's funny that he should be directing this because when some of us first started working for the company, we would steal up into the showroom at night because it had a big projection TV screen up there. We'd go up there, eat popcorn and watch Dead Alive. It's such a great movie and to find out that the same guy is directing Lord of the Rings, we were like, 'This is going to be the most amazing set of movies and they found a perfect property and a perfect director for it.' Then when we found out that we were also involved in that equation, we were ecstatic."


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