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TOY STORY 2 Is Still #1 at Box Office

Warners cries foul, but Disney-Pixar pic wins fair and square.

By Steve Biodrowski     December 15, 1999
Source: Daily Variety

It's getting to be an old story. Two studios, each vying for the coveted top spot at the box office, hold off on announcing estimates for their films' weekend grosses. Then, when one studio finally announces a figure for its film, the other studio announces a figure that happens to be slightly higher--just enough to puts its film in the #1 position. This weekend, Warner Bros. predicted the debut gross for THE GREEN MILE would be $18.6-million, then saw Disney steal its thunder by giving an estimate of $18.7-million for TOY STORY 2. At the time, Warners suggested that Disney might be fudging the numbers just a bit, in order to maintain their CGI pic's three-week run as box office champ, and that GREEN MILE was the true weekend winner.

Well, it turns out that Warners was right--or at least half right. TOY STORY 2 fell short of Disney's estimate, earning only $18.2-million. But GREEN MILE fell even shorter, taking in just a tad above $18-million, so TOY came out the winner anyway. Not that it mattered much to star Tom Hanks, who wound up in the top two films either way.

The weekend's genre films ranked below. The number in paranthesis represents the overall box office position compared to all films in the market place. The first dollar figure represents the weekend gross, and the second dollar figure represents the total to date.

Toy Story 2 (1)$18.25-million/$140.35-million
The Green Mile (2) 18.02-million/18.02-million
The World Is Not Enough (4) 6.16-million/99.41-million
End of Days (5) 4.75-million/53.27-million
Sleepy Hollow (6) 4.72-million/81.36-million
The Bone Collector (7) 1.71-million/60.83-million
Dogma (8) 1.12-million/26.39-million
Pokemon: The First Movie (9) 1.18-million/82.37-million
Being John Malkovich (10) .963-million/15.29-million
The Sixth Sense (12) .666-million/272.48-million
American Beauty (13) .603-million/68.50-million
The Omega Code (21) .216-million/11.90-million
House on Haunted Hill (24) .175-million/39.51-million
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (29) .135-million/14.01-million
Princess Mononoke (30) .129-million/2.14-million
T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (34) .108-million/26.52-million
Siegfried and Roy: The Magic Box (36) 96,801/1.66-million
Stir of Echoes (45) 60,889/21.01-million
Inspector Gadget (50) 43,068/97.29-million
Stigmata (53) 38,874/49.95-million
Elmo in Grouchland (58) 35,302/11.63-million
The Nutcracker (59) 34,929/172,358


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