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Toys Gone Wild

After a fierce battle with the gaming gang, toys embrace their newfound freedom

By Andrew Kardon     June 20, 2002

"Toys out of control. Is it contagious? Tune in at eleven."
© 2002 Andrew Kardon

You can put that over on the left. No, the other left. Yeah, that's perfect. And that thingie over there can go a little higher. No, not that high. Down a pinch. Up just a tad. Hold it! That's perfect. Okay, now try moving... oh, hey there. Sorry about that. Didn't see you. You kind of caught us in the middle of some renovations. Here, let me give you the quick tour.

As you may remember, we used to be hanging out with those pixilated gaming guys over in the "Toys & Games" section. Well, after some serious Power Point presentations, excellent economic models and a really, really lucky hand in poker, I finally managed to convince my gracious editor to give us our own "Toy" section! (No offense, game guys.) So if you're looking for some tips on HALO, the new PS2 releases or cures for Nintendo thumb, don't worry. Those guys are still around... they're just in the "Games" section of the site. Make sure to check 'em out. But don't go there yet! (Not until you finish hanging with us toy folk first, that is.)

So what can you expect to find in this new promised land of a toy section? Exactly what you'd expect. Tons more coverage of Fisher Price toys, Blues Clues, Thomas the Train and more! No, no. Put down the pitchforks, I'm just teasing. You'll still be getting your regular news, reviews and previews of action figures, model kits and statues even. Not to mention toy-themed instant polls and Top 10 lists. But that's just for starters...

"Trim your hedges?"

Today, we get a whole "Toy" section to ourselves. Tomorrow? Who knows, but the sky's the limit. I'm thinking keg parties in the toy aisle. A blister pack in every home. Heck, maybe even changing the name of the site to Toyscape.

All right, so maybe I'm getting just a little bit ahead of myself here. But what I guess I'm trying to say is... welcome to our new digs. Go ahead and make yourself at home. Just remember to play nice, okay?


G.I. JOE's hitting the high seas! No, Shipwreck's not having another flashback. Tying into DreamWorks' summer 2003 feature film SINBAD: LEGEND OF THE SEVEN SEAS, Hasbro will be offering a line of 12-inch figures featuring the swashbuckling hero and the zany monsters he'll no doubt be facing. Not only will the mythological-themed figures be part of the G.I. JOE ADVENTURE TEAM line-up, but they'll also sport the famous Kung-Fu Grip! Hasbro will also be producing a number of toys based on the newest Japanese sensation: HAMTARO. Look for playsets, plushes, dolls and more centering on the 10-year-old girl, her pet hamster and his hamster buddies.

First they let you bust heads in the Marvel Universe. Soon you'll be able to trade blows in the DC Universe. And now WizKids has announced its newest miniatures-like collectible game: MECHWARRIOR: DARK AGE. Based on the ass-kicking giant-robot BATTLETECH series, MECHWARRIOR uses the same "Combat Dial" technique of the insanely popular MAGE KNIGHT and HEROCLIX game systems. Look for it this August.

Gift set of the Rings

DC Direct heads to the stars in January with a whole slew of new LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES action figures. This time around, we've got the antenna-headed CHAMELEON BOY, the weight-gaining STAR BOY, the red-hot SUN BOY and the multi-powered ULTRA BOY. Boy what a lineup. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) And for you chemists out there, you'll also want to clear space on your Bunsen burner shelf for the METAMORPHO Deluxe Action Figure this January. Besides interchangeable hands (a hand, fist, hammer torch), Morphy comes with an ice/water/vapor base that you can place his removable upper torso on.

Hide the jewelry, the Hobbits are coming. Besides having way too many words in its name, this November's LORD OF THE RINGS: FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING COLLECTORS DVD GIFT SET comes with some pretty cool stuff. A four-disc DVD edition of the recent blockbuster film, new version of the National Geographic BEYOND THE MOVIE DVD, some funky trading cards and Sideshow Toy's ARGONATH polystone figures.

"Articulated action figures? What a splendid idea!"


Start the music and hit the lightsit's definitely time to get things started! Yep, Palisades Marketing's MUPPET action figures are tearing up toy store shelves left and right. Spread the love with KERMIT, MISS PIGGY, DR. TEETH and DR. BUNSEN HONEYDEW.

Go Figure is our weekly Toys and Action Figure column.

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