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Toys in review

With the new millennium came a merger of state-of-the-art technology and high-end design resulting in an amazing crop of toys that even grandpa wouldn't be embarrassed to own

By Scott Collura     December 03, 2001

The CLIVE BARKER'S TORTURED SOULS action figure line
© 2001 Clive Barker/McFarlane Toys

Things couldn't have been better for the toy collector this year. While a slowing economy affected the toy industry with decreasing sales and revenue (Hey, what is this? THE WALL STREET JOURNAL?), the ever-increasing legitimization of the toy world continued unabated in 2001. New and exciting creators joined with established pros to create some truly great genre-related products, while technology continued to merge with your basic toy, paving the way of the future.

The resource for great action figures, McFarlane Toys, maintained the diversification of their line this year, expanding on former areas of success with new SPAWN and MOVIE MANIACS dolls, while also pursuing more mainstream appeal with a SHREK license. Most exciting, however, was a partnership with terror maestro Clive Barker. A horror fan's dream come true!


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