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almostunbiased 4/3/2009 2:13:50 PM

Oh I second that.  That was a bad idea in the cartoon movie.

TheScriber 4/3/2009 3:45:29 PM

 Kinda unrelated but IMDB has Edgar Wright directing the Ant-Man movie. I guess thats old news. Can't wait for that Scott Pilgrim adaptation.

ultrazilla2000 4/4/2009 1:25:01 AM

Character Spoilers!!!


Just incase someone is wondering, Wheelie in this incarnation is a little R/C toy Monster Truck (acts as a Decepticon spy) and has a robot form similar to Frenzy and The Doctor...sort of insectoid.  Ravage will indeed launch from Soundwave...but just as a projectile would, then transforming into the alien cat form.  No cassettes here!   Another interesting bit is Jetfire.  In the movie, he's rather an old timer Transformer, even using a walking cane!!!  (ugh!)  But he looks wicked and will supposedly be able to hold his own in battle nicely.  Towards the end of the film, Jetfire and Optimus will actually have a merged form similar to how they did in the "Transformers Armada, Energon, and Cybertron" toy lines.  Should be interesting!

redeem4god 4/5/2009 8:15:05 PM

Really that's the best you can do. First, there is no need to show optimus unless he has undergone a reformatting. He is still the same...big deal. Same goes for starscream which looked like crap the first time. Let me correct the blogger on this post because as usual there hasn't been enough research and editing on this site to get things correct.

Ok Devastator (yes the name was already used on another decepticon in the first movie) Is not now, nor has it ever been made up of 7 decepticons. only 6 and they are as follows Mixmaster, Scrapper, Hightower, Long Haul, Rampage and Scavanger. There is no Overload in the configuration (think misinformation by Michael Bay he does it all the time.) Arcee has yet to be confirmed. Hasbro made the action figure last time based on "concept art" because they "thought" about using it.

The only autobot jet (A-22A raptor) is NOT jetfire (wishful thinking) it is breakaway. These names and/or toys were confirmed at the NY ToyFair by both hasbro and Sony. So Malachi Y do your research better and Yahoo?? really? you think they are THAT accurate? please they are the last to know or correct anything. Feel free to varify this in May 2009 issue of Toy Fare magazine.

This movie was nothing more then a CGI festival and the sequel is simply more of the same. Same cinematogrophy, same feel, same fight sequences that don't paint a realistic picture collateral damage that would be cause by large autonomous robots. They are clunky, there size overembelished at times and the transformation sequence overdetailed. It has its pluses like some of the original voices and action but it is by far NOT a great movie.

redeem4god 4/5/2009 8:29:12 PM

a story on  slash film devulged that jetfire was not an original autobot but a side effect of a fragment of the all spark coming into contact with an SR-71 and as we know it has a habit of converting any machine into a robot. although photos showed a decepticon logo initially. This was back on January 2008. Like so many of the concept art designs or ideas many get dropped prior to filming and many others are just mis-information by Bay to keep people guessing.

As far as Jetfire and Optimus going a merge..A.) retire the Jetfire idea and B.) that would only serve to make the movie gay.

violator14 4/6/2009 9:29:52 AM

The Jetfire and Optimus merging idea is the only explanation of defeating Devastator probably in the end. Sounds pretty SICK!

I for one love MIchael Bay's Transformers even if they're way off the cartoons sometimes. Bay just needed to make them a lil more realistic and stylized them differently. I get pretty upset sometimes at some of the changes too believe me, but the action sequences, anticipation and intensity he brings to the screen more than makes up for it. All u gotta do is smoke up a J b4 the movie and enjoy the ride, instead of focusing and dwelling on all the negative bullshit you think is dumb.

Bryzarro 4/7/2009 3:40:35 AM

redeem4god:  It's pretty obvious you are an old school Transformer lover which is why you are so critical of this new incarnation.  Thats fine but as all new movies made base on old stuf it always changes.  I laugh because you will see this movie like you saw the last and come on here and trash the robots and CGI.  And when 3 come out you'll do the same and guess what your money spent will contribute to more being made! 

Who cares who was and isn't an original Autobot or Deceptacon.  I just can't wait for this movies to rock out!  My and my son are so pumped for this!!

gauleyboy420 4/8/2009 2:12:31 PM

Jetfire was a decepticon for One hot minute anyway. He was an old friend of starscream's and when they found him in the ice (Hmmmm found a Transformer in Arctic Ice, looks like the movie makers ARE paying attn. to the source material...yeah yeah so what they changed it Megs, they still ook to the source material)

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