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'Transformers 2' going big...really big

    April 06, 2008
Source: www.iesb.net

IESB.net has laid hands on casting sides for 'Transformers 2'. The actor cattle call mostly describe new human characters such as:

  • CHUCK: conspiracy-loving roommate at Princeton to Shia Labeouf's Sam.
  • GALLOWAY: National Security Advisor and presidential liaison.
  • THERESA: Sgt. Epps' wife.
  • Other bit/supporting players

Most exciting about IESB's report is the revelation of which new robots we may see in the film.  Here's what they say about that. We're presenting it in invisible text to protect you from SPOILERS so swipe it with your mouse if you want to read it:

"First, the Decepticons will be getting some new help in the form of Constructicons. In the cartoons, their names were Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Hook and Long Haul. And what do we get when they all combine and form one huge ass robot? That’s right boys and girls, we are going to see DEVASTATOR on the big screen!"

Sounds cool, huh? Click through for the complete report.


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