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'Transformers 2' ramping up fast

    February 13, 2008
Source: weblogs.variety.com

In her Variety blog, Anne Thompson gives an account of Michael Bay's presentation of 'Transformers' F/X technology on the Sony lot.

During the presentation, Bay admits he has been working on the 'Transformers 2' script during the WGA Strike (he's not a guild writer so this work would not violate the associations strike guidelines) and hopes to have cameras rolling by June 2 with an eye on a June 26, 2009 release.

"The strike was a drag," he said. "But I like to write myself. So I wrote 60 pages. I showed the writers something to look at. We'll get back to the torture chamber on Monday."

Bay told the audience that the sequel will have more bots and more bellylaughs. "There's a geriatric robot. If there's an actors strike we'll just stop and start again. We'll make our date."

For a lot more behind-the-scenes discussion of 'Transformers' click through the complete article.


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