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TRANSFORMERS 3 Rolls Out Cast Additions


By Rob M. Worley     March 23, 2010
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'Transformers 3' rolls out cast additions. PLUS: Tara talks 'Kick-Ass' with Millar and Romita. Louis talks 'Avengers' some more. 'Popeye' jumps on the 3D bandwagon and more! Too sweet to be sour, too nice to be mean, it's your Comics2Film 10.3.23!




Seeley's WILD GAME Gets Film Deal

'Wild Game', the new comic by Tim Seeley (of 'Hack/Slash' fame) has yet to be published, but is already attracting Hollywood heat. Bloody Disgusting reports that Underground Films and producer Daniel Alter are teaming up to produce the werewolf-oriented story. Kevin Seamus Fahey ('Battlestar Galactica') is writing the script.

The book comes with the following synopsis: "In a world where Werewolves were long ago hunted nearly to extinction by humans and thought only to be urban legends, the few remaining packs live among us in secret. But, the beast can't be caged forever. Once a year: runaways, homeless people, anyone who won't be missed... are captured and brought to a secluded private destination to be hunted for game by the last living Werewolves on earth."

It's not clear who is publishing 'Wild Game' but Seeley recently moved 'Hack/Slash' over to Image so C2F will be watching for it there.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




Comics Continuum has your first look at the box are for the upcoming DC Universe animated feature film 'Batman: Under the Red Hood'.



LOSERS Reshoot Photos

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Columbus Short and Zoe Saldana went back in front of the cameras this week for some pick-up shots on 'The Losers'. Fan site Jeffrey Dean Morgan Unlimited has photos featuring the actors sitting on the bleachers of some kind of outdoor event.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



IRON MAN 2 on the cover of TOTAL FILM

Total Film Covers IRON MAN 2

The latest issue of Total Film Magazine sports a cool 'Iron Man 2' cover featuring a banged-up version of the Mark V armor.




One of the first comic strips to be adapted into animation and film is getting another go-round according to today's Variety.

'Popeye', which debuted in1929 as part of Elzie Crisler Segar's Thimble Theater strip for King Features, is set to return to the big screen as a CGI animated feature for Sony Pictures. Newcomer Mike Jones is in negotiations to write the script.

Former Marvel topper Avi Arad is producing. Sony Pictures Animation is making the film with Sony Pictures ImageWorks handling the CG.

Although the spinach eating sailor had a recent foray into CG animation with 2004's direct-to-video 'Popeye's Voyage', he hasn't been seen in movie theaters since 1980's live-action movie starring Robin Williams.

Arad and Jones both profess to be huge fans of the character.



TRANSFORMERS 3 Rolls Out Cast Additions

On his official website, Michael Bay told his fans that cameras will start rolling on 'Transformers 3' in "about one month."

Bay writes, "pre-shoots start next month, and shooting is set for Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Florida, Texas, Africa, Moscow and China."

He also revealed new additions to the cast of human characters in the film. "We just locked in Frances McDormand and John Malkovich. Both amazing actors I've always wanted to work with. We also just got Ken Jeong."

Over at they've gathered some additional information about the new cast members.

The Ferrari 458 Italia is set to be featured in TRANSFORMERS 3

McDormand ('Aeon Flux') has a large role in the production as the National Intelligence Director. Malkovich ('Jonah Hex')  will act as Shia LeBeouf's boss. No word on what part Jeong ('The Hangover', 'Community') is playing.

One other new cast member is filling in an Autobot role.

"I also was at a Ferrari charity event this week raising money for a hospital being built by Ferrari in Haiti. I announced that night the newest Autobot to join Transformers: the Ferrari 458 Italia."



More on Evans as CAPTAIN AMERICA, Extras in the UK

The breaking news yesterday afternoon saw actor Chris Evans taking up the shield and wings of Marvel's 'Captain America'.

Today Variety also reported on the casting and follows up with some details. For example they confirm the previously-rumored casting of Hugo Weaving as The Red Skull in the movie.

A potentially interesting note is that, while discussing 'The Avengers', Variety name Edward Norton among the cast members. We're not ready to take this note to the bank. The author of the article may just be making some assumptions there.

In other 'Cap' news, Bleeding Cool points fans in the London area to a casting call for the film.

"Applicants need a UK National Insurance number and should send a resume and photo (not over 2 meg) to You can also post a resume and photo to Guys and Dolls Casting, Trafalgar House, Grenville Place, Mill Hill. London NW7 3SA."

Thanks to obsidian for the submission.



Louis Talks About AVENGERS Some More

Out making the rounds for 'Clash of the Titans', director Louis Leterrier continues to field questions about 'The Avengers'.

He talked extensively about his love for the Marvel characters and his excitement over the team-up movie with IGN. As in the past, he said he's had conversations with Marvel about directing the movie, but calls himself "a little fish" and admits that the competition for the job is tough.

"Really I am a very little fish where I come in and say, 'Hey, guys. I'd love to do it.' Go around the world. Ask Scorsese if he wants to do it. I know who I am," Leterrier told IGN. "Most importantly, I'm a fan and I direct movies that I want to see and I direct movies with my heart, with my gut."

Which is to say, he didn't do a tentpole like 'Titans' in hopes of making himself a more attractive prospect for 'Avengers'.

"There are a lot of directors who do that. That's not a good process. I go from one movie to the next to the next to the next. Loved with a passion 'The Incredible Hulk'. Convinced these guys that me, a little French guy who directed these silly karate movies in France, was the guy who could do it," Leterrier said. "Same thing here [with 'Avengers']. I told them all the time, I'm bugging them, but now I'm thinking you choose. The only thing I can say is watch 'Clash of the Titans' and you'll see how much I've grown as a director from my 'Transporter' work to 'Hulk' to this. I'm slowly getting there, you know. Slowly. But again I know who I am. You say Jon Favreau, everyone knows who that is. You say Louis Leterrier it's like, 'What the hell? Who is this guy?' I know who I am."

Meanwhile, he told MTV Splash Page a bit more about what his approach to 'Avengers' would be, if he were to land the job.

"With 'Avengers' it would be a little different, because a lot of the cast would have been casted by different directors from other movies, but you can still bring everybody together," he said. "That's what we did that was great on 'Clash of the Titans' — for the first three weeks, we brought everybody into a room and we workshopped the movie."



KICK-ASS Clip: Suit Up

Lionsgate have released a new clip from 'Kick-Ass'. This one features Aaron Johnson as Dave Lizewski, trying on his Kick-Ass costume for the first time. The movie opens in theaters April 16th.

KICK-ASS Clip: Suit Up -- powered by



Tara talks KICK-ASS with  Millar and Romita

Mania's own Movie Maven, Tara Perry had a sit-down with Mark Millar and John Romita Jr at the SXSW festival. The trio chatted about 'Kick-Ass' as well as upcoming projects.

Tara, just off a screening of the film praised the performance of Nicolas Cage. Millar agreed and waxed Hasno-esque saying, "He owns. He own."

Romita had a bit more, praising the actor's range, which is fully on display in the film. "He made one character into three," Romita said.

It's no surprise that plans are already afoot for a sequel (called 'Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall'), but Millar suggested there could be a trilogy. "I'm not sure what the third book is gonna be called yet," he told Tara, "but it will be genetalia-related".

Millar also cued fans to watch for his new comic 'Nemesis', for which he had a specific goal in mind. "Nemesis has to be so good it makes Kick-Ass look embarrassing."

Meanwhile, Romita is at work on a book called 'Schmuggy and Bimbo' with Howard Chaykin, which is a fact-based, 1940s era New York City mafia piece.

Finally, Millar told Tara that he expects work on an 'American Jesus' movie to begin in the next year, and to follow the production model 'Kick-Ass'.

"[Matthew Vaughn is] great in the sense that he's really ballsy and likes to do the difficult subject matter and sell it to the studio once the movie is made. So what we're talking about is he and I are gonna do two movies together in the next year, before we do 'Kick-Ass 2'," Millar revealed. "He's gonna direct one and produce the other one. Probably at some point we'll do American Jesus that way."

Check out the complete interview:


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AmbyWarhol 3/23/2010 7:30:53 AM

 So is the Ferrari going to be Cliff Jumper or Hotrod?  Although since they changed the color of Sideswipe from Red to Silver, it could actually be anyone.

krathwardroid 3/23/2010 7:47:40 AM

I certainly hope they release this KICK-ASS movie soon. The clips are superfluous.

Transformers 3? Eh, don't really care who that car is.

Other than that, The Losers, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Batman: Under The Hood... Mostly the same stuff. I'll come back later.

Wiseguy 3/23/2010 7:49:44 AM

So Louis Leterrier knows who he is, that's good at least if he's lost he can identify himself. I like most of his work so I wouldn't be against him directing the Avengers but he does seem to talk too much or exagerate and embellish so I don't know what to believe sometimes. But as it stands right now I think Branagh would be my top choice of the 3 Marvel directors since Favreau basically dropped out. I really really really think he's going to knock it out of the park with THOR

I really want to hear some official announcements as far as Captain America goes. So far nothing has been confirmed but I like what I'm hearing

I used to love Popeye as a kid so this is something that I may see depending on how it looks. I know it has to be better than than that Robin Williams movie, that was terrible.

Wow, Frances McDormand and John Malkovich in Transformers 3, talk about a step up in class for Bay.

Nice chat with Millar and Romita, so he's got a trilogy plan or was he joking about the third. If the third is true how about Kick Ass-No Pussies Allowed

Azreial 3/23/2010 8:09:37 AM

I was thinking it was hotrod too. Maybe that means that at the end of TF3 we will see Rodimus Prime

fft5305 3/23/2010 8:30:37 AM

That sound you just heard was the sound of about 1.000 Maniacs' hearts breaking. It looked like Tara had a ring on her left ring finger. Married? Say it ain't so! Not that it matters to me, of course, since I'm already married. So I guess make that 999 Maniacs...

Ferrari Transformer? Sweet!

gauleyboy420 3/23/2010 9:54:57 AM

Maybe the Lamborgini is Sunstreak, Sideswipes Brother... (since colors are changed)

Malkovich doing TF... HA ... It just reminds me of when he said Spiderman was too low brow of a movie for him to play Green Goblin...


ROMITS JR, IS SO COOL! Never seen an interview with him. He is a LEGEND YO!!!!


Tara,thanks for intervieewing two of comics best creators

Tara how far we've come,YOU're MY GIRL,I LIKE Ghostrider Too! Don't know why Fanboys are such little bitches.

I think I did see a ring on her fever...

Calibur454 3/23/2010 10:52:00 AM

Popeye 3d- i donjt know about this the robin williams movie was bad enough i did love the cartoon

with transformers 2 sucking so bad i doubt I'd even rent the third one- hell i'd rather be stuck watching the twilight movies instead

LOL @  Wiseguy- That title is perfect No Pussies Allowed I love it!!!  I also am looking forward to kick ass. I understand Millar is trying to set something up for the comic book fans so they can get a peek at the second story line when the dvd movie is released. I also want them to announce the us street date for the soundtrack.

DarthDuck 3/23/2010 11:21:25 AM

Indeed it was a ring, and she punched us in the face with it....sigh...

How cool is Mark Millar?  Seriously, I love that guy.  Nemesis comes out tomorrow, we'll see how it starts.  Steve McNiven is drawing it so you know it'll look pretty.

I'm hoping Marvel is holding back in Cap news.  Then they'll release all the info ans casting at once.  They'll drown us in news and info and we can spend a few days digging ourselves out.

LL wouldn't be a bad choice, but I think Marvel should do their homework here and see who else might be available to direct Avengers.

jfdavis 3/23/2010 12:01:11 PM

TF3- See Sony? Your pigheadness in cancelling Spider-man 4 has forced John Malkovich to be in a Transformers movie.  I think he and McDormand are under blackmail threats.   Jeong is perfect though. I think the dog will hump him.  So much for the Cybertron rumors... 

Avengers- Give Leterrier the job all ready.  He seeems like he knows what's involved and no one else seems to want it anyway...

Popeye- The Arad-involved cartoons are pretty good even if the live action stuff, not so much.  Besides Popeye is impossible to screw up...

Calibur454 3/23/2010 1:45:37 PM

jfdavis- Popeye is imposible to screw up-

Sorry my friend they already have- you must have not watched the live action robin williams movie version is rate it up there with catwoman and that one was god awful

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