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Plus: DREDD, GHOST RIDER, X-MEN and more!

By Rob M. Worley     November 03, 2010
Source: Mania

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Transformers 3 rolls up on NASA. Plus: Dredd gets US distro deal. Ghost Rider gets all new Hellcycle. Wolverine not X-Men after all. More! It's your Comics2Film 10.11.3!




Wolverine Not in FIRST CLASS Says Singer, Fox

Yesterday we posted a rather tenuous bit of internet speculation under the questioning headine, "Is Wolverine in X-Men: First Class?"

Well, the question mark was there for a reason and now, thanks to the Geek Files blog, that question has been answered by both producer Bryan Singer and studio reps at 20th Century Fox. And that answer is "NO."

To recap: a gent from Georgia named Mike Todd Sr (who some are reporting to be a taxi cab driver) posted on his Facebook that he had driven Hugh Jackman to the airport from Jekyll Island. That's one of the current locations for the First Class movie, which gave us pause to speculate as to what Jackman might be doing there.

Singer made a recent public appearance at an unnamed screening and answered questions about the new movie.  When asked specifically about Hugh Jackman appearing in the film as Wolverine, Singer said, "He's not in the movie, he's in the Wolverine movies."

Separately, a representative from Fox confirmed that the actor is not in the First Class film. "X-Men hasn't started shooting in Georgia yet and if Hugh was in Georgia, it wasn't for this movie," Fox said.

So it looks like we won't be seeing Hugh Jackman pop the bone claws in the film.

Getting back to Singer's appearance, he answered additional questions about the new 1960s-era X-Men film. He covered a lot of familiar ground, discussing that the film looks in on the early days of Xavier and Magneto but also dropped some other hints as well.

"We've set First Class in a time when the X-Men were conceived in the early 60s, up against political events that were happening - the early civil rights movement - and we have these kinds of events at a time when the world didn't know mutants existed," Singer said.

"Also, there's a new villain component, a really cool villain and villain group,"  Singer said. We know that Kevin Bacon plays Sebastian Shaw, leader of the Hellfire Club. But is there more to it than that?

Singer also mentions, "It incorporates some characters I was able to bring back in time that are familiar, as well as some new characters, new mutants."

At the risk of making too much of Singer's "back in time" comment, C2F is now wondering if there isn't a "Days of Future Past" vibe here that allows mutants from the 2099 series as well as contemporary series like Generation X and New Mutants to pop up in the 1960s. Or perhaps Singer is simply saying Marvel allowed him to draw from characters from different eras, even though they didn't occur that way in the comics.

X-Men: First Class is due in theaters June 3, 2011.



Tony Scott Begins His NEMESIS Work

MTV Splash Page caught up with filmmaker Tony Scott, who is out promoting his runaway train thriller Unstoppable. Scott is also attached to direct the feature film adaptation of Mark Millar's Nemesis, detailing a global anarchist terrorist who picks a fight with an intellectually matched police detective.

Scott says that he's right at the beginning of the project, which makes it unclear to us if he'll transition into it from Unstoppable or do another movie first. Regardless, the filmmaker expressed enthusiasm for Millar's comic, which he calls "great."

"The comic sat on my desk for about a week and I kept looking at it and looking at it," he said. "I don't know what [exactly made me pick it up]. What speaks to me? Why make the movie? What speaks to you is your heart and your mind. It's spontaneity. Once you start analyzing why you're doing something, you're in trouble. I've had a love affair with every movie I've done — 16 now — and I'm lucky, because I've always been able to follow my heart."

Unstoppable arrives in theaters next week.



DREDD Gets U.S. Distribution

Variety reports that the feature film Dredd, based on the Judge Dredd comics, has secured U.S. distribution rights with Lionsgate.

The 3D movie begins principle photography next week in Cape Town, South Africa. Karl Urban (RED, Star Trek) stars as the iconic Brit comics character. Pete Travis is directing. DNA Films is producing with a $45 million budget.

The movie enjoyed brisk pre-sales at the Toronto International Film Festival, rapidly ringing up deals with distributors in every major market except the U.S.



Downey on AVENGERS Script

Robert Downey Jr has read the Avengers script written by Joss Whedon, and he approves.

"I just read the script," Downey told MTV Splash Page during press for Due Date, "and it’s going to be fantastic."

Downey will, of course, reprise his role as Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, in Marvel's super group movie. But as much as he likes the script, he said he has some notes for Whedon, who is directing the movie.

"Once I tear his script to smithereens and fix it, we’re going to have a great movie," Downey joked with MTV.

Marvel Studios' The Avengers is due in theaters in 2012.




Fans know that NASA has been prepping for a visit by Michael Bay's Transformers 3 crew, who aimed to film at the space center in October. Plans were to capture footage that would feature the space shuttle Discovery, at least as a background element, if not as a plot point in the film.

Last night fellow Maniac Squid sent in an awesome set of photos from the filming along with these notes:

"[My PhotoBucket account] contains pictures that were taken at NASA / Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  There are pictures of Transformers that look like they are NASCAR race cars, and I'm unfamiliar with them.  The pictures were taken at the VAB, (Vehicle Assembly Building, where they mate the shuttles to the external tank and boosters) in the complex.  Enjoy! "

Squid captured images of Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Ratchet and those NASCAR style Decepticons in his photo array. We're presenting a few of them here, but click through for the entire set!





A multi-tentacled Maniacal salute to Squid for the submission.



And because Jon Favreau isn't tweeting about his movie we bring you the new regular feature...

Mark Neveldine and Brian Tayolr Tweet About GHOST RIDER 2!

The directing duo of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are apparently going to be keeping us abreast of the progress on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance via their twitter account.

Yesterday they started the process with this auspicious tweet:

"Principal photography on [Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance] begins today!!!"

That was rapidly followed by a few more micro updates:

"Idris Elba, helicopters, motorcycles, Russian [army] and the the Transfagarasanul.... HOLY SHIT"

The Transfagarasanul is the serpentine system of highways that snakes through the mountains of Romania. It's considered a must-ride among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Late last night they posted, "Day 1.5 on Ghost Rider SOV kicked epic ass!"

Finally, when asked by a follower if moviegoers will be seeing the same Hellcycle in the sequel that actor Nicolas Cage rode in the original, the directors replied, "Hell no!"

So expect a completely redesigned bike for Ghost Rider in the new movie! Frankly, we love the 1990s revamp, with the huge skull-like shield on the front and wouldn't mind seeing that on film.

The movie isn't due out until February 2012.



Rob M. Worley is the writer and creator of the all-new, all-cat kids comic book series Scratch9. Issues #1 and #2 are in stores now. Issue #1 is also available as a digital download via iVerse Media's iTunes app. Visit for news and info!


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jfdavis 11/3/2010 7:24:36 AM

While a time travel element wouldn't be all that surprising  (Enterprise producers aparently felt they needed it for that TV prequel...),  I'm thinking they're just incorporating chracters from all eras. I mean in this universe, Kitty, Jubilee, Rogue and Iceman are all around the same age so it's not like Singer or Fox hasn't done that before... 

GR2-I really don't even remember the bike in the first one so go ahead and redesign it...  

samurai1138 11/3/2010 7:25:01 AM

You know, I might be alone here, but I'm holding onto some hopes that the new GR will make up for the last attempt, which was like a motorcycle stunt gone wrong, they hit the ramp, cleared the first few busses and then Splat! There was alot of promise in the 1st GR, and even a few cool scenes, but overall, well, we all know how it turned out. But I still think that there is alot of promise here, if only they can avoid some (or all) of the problem elements from the 1st film, then we could have a very cool sequel on our hands. They just need to remember, Johnny Blaze was a cool guy, not a jelly bean swilling cowboy. Fix his character, add a little more  terror to GR himself, lose the whisper-y villains in human guise, and you really could have something here. True, the GR comics dont really have any "classic" stories (that I can recall, if I missed an awesome one, please comment so I can go get it), but the over all plot is one that should translate into a very cool 90 minutes of flaming skulls, chains, and hellfire motorcycle stunts.

samurai1138 11/3/2010 7:29:03 AM

Oh, and way to go LionsGate. I have a good feeling about the new Judge Dredd. The producers know they wont have a box office smash on their hands, being Rated-R (at least, last I heard it was going to be), which means they can set aside the need to make a 300 million dollar smash that will appeal to the broad audience, and just make a solid Dredd flick that will turn a decent profit at the end of the day by staying true to the source, and taking what they already know works, and putting it on the big screen. I hope.

Bryzarro 11/3/2010 7:31:19 AM

 Looking forward to Dredd.  Really dig Urban.

I guess with these pics from TF3 we are going to maybe get another combiner robot in the form of Menasor and the Stunticons.  I wouldn't mind that as long as the leave out the camp testicle references from the second film.  

I'm not too sure about Nemesis.  i picked up the first three issues after hearing about it here and although it's not terrible I can't see it holding ground as a film.  But again I have only seen 3 issues of it.

DeeJay4ADay 11/3/2010 7:48:43 AM

Transformers 3 is doing an excellent job of connecting with various communities throughout the US... and I suspect this is going to help with its eventual box office.

Robert Downey, Jr. is doing what most of us would do, were we in his position. Enjoying the moments that this experience offers. Hopefully, his fellow Avengers creatives will also realize the value of the opportunity they have.

LocoLobo73 11/3/2010 8:38:17 AM

Wolverine and Xmen:First Class: Im kinda glad that wolvie will not be in First Class;, even though , a Days of Futures Past,, idea would have been alot better then what I have been hearing coming from them lately, I mean it sounds like Singer has his toybox open and is just chucking figures out on the floor to play with. Im not sure thats the best way to make a movie, it didnt work for the last two, now did it.

Nemesis : not sure I care yet , have'nt read the books so, I'll reserve judgement

Dredd : I like Carl Urban, great actor and im hoping it will do the books justice unlike the first POS

Avengers: details details details, come on RBJ let something slip

T 3 : who cares jsut finish the damn thing and give me a trailer already.

GR2 so the only really good thing about the first one isnt going to be in this one and they are proud of that , hmmmmmmm , still calling this a suckage in progress.......

Rheul_home 11/3/2010 8:54:16 AM


Dredd: For me this is just as big if not bigger than Cap, Thor, and Avengers. Im a huge fan and so is Urban. Sounds like he really wants to get it right as well as the producers from what I've read. Cant wait.


GRII: The 90's bike? Thats cool if Dan Ketch is going to be riding it. Either was, not a lot of faith in this after the last pants load.


violator14 11/3/2010 9:29:54 AM

I hope they have a WAYYY better 5man-robot to come together than that abomination in part 2...... effing  pathetic.

LocoLobo73 11/3/2010 1:21:51 PM

Samurai : Ghost rider stories worth checking out would be the first Arc from the sencond Series , in which Danny Ketch becomes the rider. I also would recommend the MidNight Sons cross over, great cross over that brings in the Night Stalkers, Blade , DR Strange, Ghost rider. It also brings Johnny Blaze back to Mentor Ketch on the riders powers and how to control them, not to mention this is the coolest that Blaze has ever been , being able to fire Hellfire through his shotgun, Check it out it pretty good, and the opening arc to the second series is what GR2 should be introduce the new rider and let Cage be his mentor  

Betenoire 11/3/2010 11:49:55 PM

TF3-So is one of them Smokescreen? And trying to get in the NASCAR crowd...sure OK but I'll be laughing hard if JR's 88 is a Decepticon. Though still no interest in the film itself.

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