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doublec 6/20/2012 4:04:48 PM

 Really, can a discussion about the Transformers movie series HAVE a "voice of reason"?

maxx1mus 6/20/2012 8:21:04 PM

thank god for no more shia lebouf   anything that doesnt require him in a film in=m down for 

Betenoire 6/20/2012 10:34:32 PM

How to get Dinobots in? Easy, they crashed on earth millions of years ago and were simply sealed up until know, basically what Transformers 2 did with the Primes and the Fallen. Earth has already been established as the second- if not first- most important planet to Transformers so why not at this point?

It isn't like there is any credibility left to strain in the Bay films as credibility has already been shot, poisoned, stabbed, dragged behind a VW Bug, burned at the stake, keel hauled, drawn and quartered before being denies treatment by its HMO and finally having its severed head placed on a pike as a warning to all that money trumps any attempt to make sense in Hollywood. 

lazarus 6/20/2012 11:10:21 PM

well Violator they would have to scan robotic dinosaurs and would be strange given that none of the previous transformers ever scanned a biological lifeform. Well there was the hot girl from T2 who was a decepticock. Heh. Get it? Decepticock? Ahh what you know about funny.

I would much rather see them bring in the airbots. I can't remember what they actually called them but essentially it was the Autobots air force. Still like the Unicrom angle.

tenchymuyo2 6/21/2012 8:02:13 AM

Wiseguy! Yes! Another Beast Wars fan.  I too wish they would use that premise for a movie.  Besides the original cartoon, its the only other iteration of Transformers I liked.  

Agree with all Shia nay-sayers.  I liked him in his non-Transformers movies, but I couldn't stand him in this.  Watch the RiffTrax version of any of the Transformers movies and listen to them rip on Shia's ultra-studdering lines.  Gogogogogogo. etc.

I liked Peter David's novelization of the 3rd movie.  Better ending. 

If they're truly devoted to minimizing the human element of the movie, making the fight scenes viewable at medium and long distance so we can see the details of the fights (See "I, Robot" for an example), then I'll put the money down on it.

Brodee 6/21/2012 7:22:21 PM

Lazarus, you're thinking of the Arielbots who combine to form Superion.

The series could also go the way of headmasters/targetmasters. Just an idea. But I'm all for Unicron, Galvatron, and don't forget Hot Rod!

As far as the dinobots go, they crash landed millions of years ago (just like in the original cartoon) and were eventually frozen during the ice age. I seriously just out-witted Michael Bay. 

hfc7036 6/27/2012 9:04:56 AM

 Fantastic!  The tons of negative comments that come out from just ONE POSTER are outstanding!  LOL.  And yet 3/4's of all the people commenting will be in the theater when the movie comes out.  This is some fine work!  I, for one, will be in the packed and loaded theater watching another blockbuster...  Why?  Because I just wanna see some "stuff" blow up and have a good laugh with pure entertainment value.  Nothing more... Nothing less!

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