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"Transformers" Megatron Image

By Karl Schneider     January 12, 2007
Source: The Movie Blog

Decepticon Leader Megatron
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The Movie Blog has leaked two pictures from the upcoming Michael Bay film, Transformers.

The image featured to the left is that of Decepticon leader Megatron, the second is another look at Barricade, who has been leaked before.

KJ's Take:  It's hard to really get a solid feel for these guys on the white background.  They looked amazing in the trailer and I really like the general style, so all in all I have no complaints and can't wait for opening night.


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chirop1 1/12/2007 6:27:09 AM
[Begin fanboy rant]But it doesn't look like Megatron!!!![End fanboy rant]
manjisan 1/12/2007 6:42:54 AM
Wow, this is starting to look like a live-action mecha movie that won't suck. Looking forward to it. When is the GoBots movie coming out? ;-)
dragon261 1/12/2007 6:47:58 AM
Not impressed, looks more like a walking junk pile. What ever hopes I had for this film just dropped a notch or twelve.
CardinalSin 1/12/2007 7:16:04 AM
Yeah, if I saw that pic without them telling me it's Megatron, I would've never known it was him. At least Optimus looks like hisself. Is it too much to hope for Grimlock to be in the movie also?
wessmith1966 1/12/2007 7:30:48 AM
I've never been a big Transformers fan, but this image just looks like a pile of junk. There are so many pieces that it's hard to focus my eyes on it. I'm a big fan of bay's movies, but so far I'm not too impressed with the Transformer designs. I'll still see the film, so I guess it doesn't really matter.
chirop1 1/12/2007 7:40:49 AM
In all seriousness... I don't understand what I'm looking at there. No discernable facial features. So many hard edges. Artistically its an overload for my senses. Why there can't be clean lines and recognizable attributes I'll never know. I'll still be there in the theater... but in my head I'll just imagine the animated movie versions!!!
mosgza 1/12/2007 8:10:05 AM
Have to agree with wessmith on how 'busy' the design principal is, though I'm not going to pass any judgment until I see it on the big screen. I just really, really wish they could have at least put some kind of cannon on his arm to remind us that he is indeed Megatron!
manjisan 1/12/2007 8:43:52 AM
I can understand a lot of the reasons why some people may not like the design. I think the production team had to rethink the whole Megatron as a big arse gun due to the whole unfounded "media causes violence" fiascoes nowadays. He may be a big arse landmine instead. ;-) Either way, I like the Escher-like qualities to the design and appreciate a different design perspective on what a lot of us consider a classic (Transformers will always be one of my childhood favs). I usually despise Bay movies but I am going to hold off judgment until I actually see it on the screen.
marc0702 1/12/2007 8:46:44 AM
I have no problem with the redesign, I just wish I could tell what the hell he transforms into... lol He looks like he could transform into a pile of junk or something.
CappyMorgan 1/12/2007 9:01:45 AM
Seriously, this is the silliest film to be coming out in 2007. Next up...Smurfs the movie. Is anyone but adults who played with these things looking forward to this film? A robot that turns into a car. Pllllllllllease.
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