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Wiseguy 5/15/2009 8:54:30 AM

Studios now are just buying the rights to anything, especially little known low selling comics to keep it on the cheap. I just keep hearing of these books being optioned that I know most haven't heard of. The thinking now is that if it's a comic based film it will attract all the nerds. Leading Man? Billy Smoke? Even Scott Pilgrim

I guessed I missed something on that clip talking about an easter egg connection to Star Trek

Maybe I'll see you next year at the NYC Comic con. But Detroit? Take your bulletproof vest and leave your wallet in the hotel room. Oh wait that would've been for the Wizard Chicago con. Ah Detroit/Chicago, same thing, co-capitals of crime

Wiseguy 5/15/2009 8:55:37 AM

Always double check any articles from Ireland, you know those guys stay drunk

AMiSHPiRATE 5/15/2009 1:16:57 PM

A 30 second ad to watch a 39 second clip that doesn't even contain the teased easter egg?  That's colder than ice cold.

almostunbiased 5/15/2009 2:26:16 PM

Yeah, what's up with that?

TayDor 5/15/2009 5:50:44 PM

I found the easter egg connection.  You have to go to the MTV site using the link to find it.  Sorta misleading the way its presented here on Mania.

Here's the quote


"“I’d love to write a scene where Spock meets Optimus Prime,” Alex Kurtzman laughed.

“I guess we did,” his partner Roberto Orci revealed, making reference to the “Transformers” character who uses TV and radio signals to speak. “Because at one point we have Bumblebee [in the new film] using audio from ‘Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.’”


This is stupid.  Didn't they fix him at the end of the first movie?

Whiskeymovie 5/15/2009 6:19:10 PM

I can't wait to see Linkin Park's  contribution to the soundtrack and score,,,I think it could add a cool vibe......and these guys are hot right now,,,,I mean two of the biggest movies of the summer, and they were writers, although, I am curious as what what Erhan Kruger added to it....based on his previous work, I am expecting some kind of teist at the end of Transformers 2, which could be cool

sportwarrior 5/16/2009 2:20:31 PM

They did fix Bumblebee at the end of the first movie, but I kinda liked how he talked through the radio...  Wouldn't be so bad if that's how he talked in the 2nd one.

TayDor 5/17/2009 1:09:50 PM

Yes it would.  It's called continuity.  Besides, it was Wreckgar who talked in snippits of radio and TV sound-bytes.  It just makes Bumblebee into crap.

SONYMANswallows 5/17/2009 6:37:24 PM

WALGREENS needs to sel the comics as well. They have not done that since I was a kid (phusicallly I mean) in the 70's and 80's. I miss the old racks and side racks off the counter at 7-11. Borders has racks of 2nd prints but I am boycotting them because High Times is now behind the counter with the baterzines.



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