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Transformers Set to Invade Theaters Again

Then, Now and Forever

By Robert T. Trate     June 23, 2009

Starscream from Transformers Season 1
© Hasbro/Robert Trate


It was a long ride home. Well it was only about three miles but it felt long. Then of course there were the unnecessary stops of kids who took way too long to get off the bus. As Susie would walk down the aisle and say goodbye to all her friends I would get really angry. Why couldn’t she just hurry up? There will still two more stops and Transformers started at four. I was never going to make it. If I missed the beginning I was probably going to be completely lost.
When the bus did stop it was a race to get home and get that TV on. Soccer practice started in a few weeks and missing the Transformers would be a regular thing. Now it was time to suck it all in, Optimus Prime and his Autobots thwarting the evil Decepticons. In the years that followed I did see, eventually, every episode. When the movie came out my Dad didn’t take me to see it. To this day I have never seen Unicron larger than life on the big screen but I am working on that. As a kid, hearing Optimus Prime died was the equivalent of learning Kennedy was assassinated. Our hero had fallen and some new Autobot named Rodimus Prime was now the leader. To this day I wonder what my face must have looked like when my good friend Matt told me the news.
You get nostalgic for those things from your childhood when you get older. In college I found a few places that still had giant clam shell boxes of the Transformers. When I started working at Blockbuster Video they had the only copy of Transformers the Movie in town. Imagine a college campus of 93,000 students and only one copy of the Transformers the Movie. Think I am nuts? It was the only one and when it did come back I snagged it, copied it and put it back on the shelf. Before I got back behind the counter someone was already renting it. It would eventually never return as someone figured out, besides me, that it was the only copy in town and not on VHS anymore.
A couple of years later when DVDs were the standard format I picked up Transformers: Season One (Collector's Edition). It was incredible. They held up, unlike most cartoons from that era and they were a lot of fun. I got season 2 and so on. When the new movie came out I went through my collection and came up empty. Season 2 and 3 were sitting on the shelf but season one was no where to be found. So when Shout! Factory released Season 1 on DVD a few weeks ago I simply had to have it.
After sitting through Transformers Season 1 again as a critic and columnist for Mania I discovered a lot of crazy things about the show. The first being I never realized how much Optimus Prime was like John Wayne. Peter Cullen’s voice will forever be a part of my childhood as John Wayne was. My dad was a huge fan of the Duke and now I see that Optimus Prime was just like him. Always the hero, always standing up for what was right, never backing down from a fight and even once played the villain just like Optimus Prime did (see John Wayne in Red River (1948) and Optimus Prime in “Dark Awakening”).
Starscream has now become my new favorite character. Whether this has something to do with Chris Latta also being Cobra Commander I am not sure but now Starscream is the joy of the Transformers. He was always trying to take over, he had backstabbing plans intermixed with Megatron’s plans to conquer the universe. That and Starscream, unbeknownst to him, had great comedic timing. His humor was not only dark but freaking hilarious as well. I never had a Starscream action figure but he has suddenly made my must have toy list.
Is it just me or did the Decepticons go about harvesting the Energon all wrong? They steal like junkies on a bender but they had all this great technology. Sure later they would deal with some of the shadier humans on Earth but why didn’t they just exchange transforming technology, space bridge technology (which looked a lot like a Stargate) or even their advance rocket fuel to some of the bigger industrial companies of the world? Sure a kid is never got to think about this when watching the show. The Autobots were good and the Decepticons were bad. That was the order of things. Why didn’t they move Cybertron closer to a sun and install solar collectors on the planet to harvest Energon? Why not set up windmills in the middle of desert and collect all the Energon they could use and then head back to Cybertron? The Autobots never seemed to have a problem with getting Energon. Why were the Decepticons so stupid?
Should I even get into the female Transformers?
Transformers Season 1 is a great trip down memory lane. It is a cartoon I can’t wait to share with my nephew and I look forward to seeing his face when Optimus Prime says, “Megatron, let this be our final battle” and falls. At least I can reassure him that everything will be okay and eventually Prime will return when “all are one”.
Unfortunately there is no release date yet for season 2. What is good for collectors is that the original Rhino releases are still available on Amazon. However if you wish to skip that entire process of picking them up one at a time Shout! Factory is releasing THE TRANSFORMERS: 25TH ANNIVERSARY "MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP" EDITION COLLECTOR'S SET on DVD which is the entire TRANSFORMERS series on 16 DVDs (pre-orders start July 13th see more details here). Sadly there is no Blu-ray edition for any of the Transformers cartoons yet.
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ultrazilla2000 6/23/2009 1:53:03 AM

Yikes!  I wouldn't recommend getting the Rhino releases via Amazon...they've been out of print for several years now, and will cost a fortune.  Shout! will have them all out eventually.  I'm curious about the special features...I read original toy commercials will be included, which is awesome!

karas1 6/23/2009 4:43:55 AM

Starscream was always my favorite transformer.  I named a hamster after him.

It was annoying that they killed him off but he came back as a ghost and those eps were particurlarly fun.


MrOptimusPrime 6/23/2009 6:34:14 AM

Even though I already own all 4 sets of Rhino's Transformers DVD's I will be getting the 16 disc set from Shout! when it is available.  THe GIJOE footlocker set looks awesome too and that will be added to my collection as well.

Til all these DVD's are mine!


themovielord 6/23/2009 6:39:11 AM

"Shout! will have them all out eventually" - Ultrazilla - read the whole column I did mention that. ~ Robert

jonniej1017 6/23/2009 11:52:59 AM

WOW,, good article. gave me chills. wish i could write more, but i'm in work!!

EvilSean 6/23/2009 12:25:34 PM

I bought the complete Transformers series on DVD a little less than 3 years ago on Ebay from a vendor in China.  It came with English instructions from the vendor to shut off the Chinese subtitles - after you do that everything is perfect.  It comes in a thick cardboard box with glossy artwork and an Autobot symbol key chain.  It contained every episode of the original series (including the Headmasters mini-series) and the animated movie (can't remember if it's the edited cut or the one where Spike and Ultra Magnus swear).  Best of all?  Got the whole thing for $20.  I just checked Ebay and can't find it right now, but you guys should definitely check periodically.  I've also gotten complete box sets of Stanley Kubrick, the Coen Brothers and Jim Jarmusch from those commies for very low prices.

redhairs99 6/23/2009 12:57:12 PM

Robert when did Prime say, “Megatron, let this be our final battle?”  I just don't remember that line from the movie.  I do remember him saying "One shall stand, One shall Fall." which they did use in the first Bay film. 

Don't get me wrong, I always loved Peter Cullen as Prime, but deep down Starscream has always been my favorite Transformer.  Just as you pointed out, Robert, he was hilarious and had great comic timing, but Chris Latta's voice is unmistakable. 

[said with smirk on his face]
Starscream: Oh, how it pains me to do this!
Megatron: Wait! I still function!
Starscream: Wanna bet?
[Starscream lets Megatron's body drift from the open shuttle door into space]
Megatron: Starrrrrrrscreammmmmmmmm!... argh!...
[Megatron's crumbled body disappears into space]


themovielord 6/23/2009 4:53:19 PM

Redhairs99 Good catch... I think I was remebering a quote from the TV show... Shows somebody was paying attention...

redhairs99 6/23/2009 6:21:26 PM

Well, Rob, we got a keep you on your toes, man.

jonniej1017 6/24/2009 7:57:49 AM

HA. Actually the quote, "let this be our final battle " is from Masters of the Universe.. But i love the scene where Prime and Megs are about to fight... Why throw away your life so recklessly?  That is a question you should ask yourself... Saw Transformers last night... FANTASTIC!!!!!!  LOVED EVERY FRIGGIN SECOND!!!!!



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