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TRANSFORMERS Soundtrack Site Launch

By Jarrod Sarafin, News Editor     June 23, 2007
Source: Transformers Album

Optimus Prime in Transformers(2007)
© Paramount Pictures

Just passing it along to you that the official soundtrack site for the upcoming Transformers film has launched. Just click on the link below and sign in and you can listen to the various songs and features on the soundtrack.

Here's the official Transformer Soundtrack Site

That Linkin Park song is already getting a lot of play on the radio airwaves. I'm curious on what the Transformers theme song will sound like.

Songs from the Soundtrack:

1. Linkin Park--"What I've Done"

2. Smashing Pumpkins--"Doomsday Clock"

3. Disturbed---"This Moment"

4. Goo Goo Dolls---"Before It's Too Late (Sam & Makaela's Theme)

5. The Used--"Pretty Handsome Awkward"

6. Him--"Passion's Killing Floor"

7. Taking Back Sunday---"What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost?"

8. Styles of Beyond---"Second To None"

9. Armor For Sleep---"End of the World"

10. Idiot Pilot---"Retina and the Sky"

11. Julien-K---"Technical Difficulties"

12. Mutemath---"Transformers Theme"




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rgtchtiger 6/23/2007 11:17:52 AM
Black Lab also did a cover of Lion's theme from the animated film. There's a music video available on YouTube, but the video is simply a bunch of images taken from the film. The cover itself is pretty good, but nothing can top Lion's original version. :-)
themovielord 6/24/2007 6:14:49 PM
Any word on the Score? Bay usually has Han Zimmer scoring his movies...
rgtchtiger 6/24/2007 9:20:23 PM
Steve Jablonsky was given scoring duties last year around the time the first teaser trailer was released. I seem to remember reading that the closing music to the teaser was the roots of Jablonsky's overall theme to the film. Jablonsky also scored Bay's last film The Island so they have a working history together.


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