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Transformers Takes Down Second Victory

Transformers: Dark of the Moon becomes top earner of 2011.

By Jarrod Sarafin     July 10, 2011


Two weeks. That was the time needed to become the best domestic earning release of 2011. Such is the story to be told for Paramount’s Transformers: Dark of the Moon, with the action adventure pulling in another $47.0 million for its second box office victory. The 1st place finish has it ending the weekend with an estimated tally of $261.0 million in the states, a good ten million over that of the previous champion The Hangover Part II ($250.8 mil) and has it as the fifth fastest film all-time to climb past the $250 million mark in box office history, tied with Avatar and Spider-Man 2. Both of those hits also took 12 days to reach the same sum of cash.
With the Shia LaBeouf-led sequel also clearly winning the foreign race with an oversea score of $93 million, Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks have found $645 million worldwide. As you’ll see down below in our worldwide box office race, the latest performance has pushed it into 2nd place for this summer tent pole season. The only film it has to catch is Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the film which hit the billion mark last weekend.
The incoming wide releases Horrible Bosses and Zookeeper follow in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.
Warner Bros.’ comedy “Bosses” found $28.1 million on 3,040 theaters across the nation, averaging a respectable $9,247 per venue for audiences who chose laughter over fighting robots. Directed by Seth Gordon, the comedy’s opening weekend score was attributed to demographics of 51% male, with 64% of those buying tickets being over the age of 25. The studio and producers kept their budget down to only $37 million so it’s soon to be another successful release for Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line.
“It’s a concept we can all relate too. We’ve all heard about the mythical boss from hell, even if we’ve never had one,” Warner Bros. executive vice president of domestic distribution Jeff Goldstein said. “We’ll be around for a long time.”
Meanwhile, Sony had a comedy of their own striking theaters this weekend catered mainly to the family audience. The Kevin James vehicle, Zookeeper, captured $21.0 million in domestic sales over the weekend. With the film showing on 3,482 theaters, it finished its first frame with an average of $6,031 per showing. The film found another $7.5 million from some early international markets so its worldwide gross currently sits at $28.5 million. And unlike the more adult-themed Horrible Bosses, Sony spent more on the effects for this one with a price tag of $80 million. They’ll need a few weekends of decent traffic before they can relieve the pressure. Families made up 52% of the audience
Next up is Walt Disney and Pixar’s latest release, Cars 2. The sequel found itself dropping another 42% over its third frame by landing in the 4th place spot, taking down another $15.2 million in receipts. The latest numbers has its domestic cume at $148.8 million after 17 days of release. It’s still well short of the $200 million it took to produce (not including marketing) but if we were to include the $82 million it has from international waters, the studio has a worldwide score of $231.0 million.
And the 5th place spot goes to Sony’s other comedy in the box office, Bad Teacher. The Cameron Diaz-led film found another $9.0 million over its third frame, increasing its domestic total to $78.7 million. Director Jake Kasdan and producers managed to keep the budget to only $20 million so it’s a profitable venture for the studio.
Check out the rest of the top 10 down below.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon
$47.0 mil
$261.0 mil
Horrible Bosses
$28.1 mil
$28.1 mil
$21.0 mil
$21.0 mil
Cars 2
$15.2 mil
$148.8 mil
Bad Teacher
$9.0 mil
$78.7 mil
Larry Crowne
$6.2 mil
$26.5 mil
Super 8
$4.8 mil
$118.0 mil
Monte Carlo
$3.8 mil
$16.1 mil
Green Lantern
$3.1 mil
$109.7 mil
Mr. Popper’s Penguins
$2.8 mil
$57.7 mil

And here’s the summer line-up in terms of worldwide box office performance. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is clearly the one to beat, with Transformers: Dark of the Moon coming up the rear. But we have some heavy favorites hitting the next few weekends as well…
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Numbers:
Budget: $250 mil
Opening: $90.1 mil

Domestic: $236.2 mil
Foreign: $778.9 mil
Worldwide: $1.015 bil
Transformers: Dark of the Moon Numbers:
Budget: $195 mil
Opening: $97.8 mil
Domestic: $261.0 mil
Foreign: $384.0 mil
Worldwide: $645.0 mil
Fast Five Numbers:
Budget: $125 mil
Opening: $86.1 mil

Domestic: $208.7 mil
Foreign: $392.8 mil
Worldwide: $601.6 mil
Kung Fu Panda 2 Numbers:
Budget: $150 mil
Opening: $47.6 mil

Domestic: $159.0 mil
Foreign: $391.1 mil
Worldwide: $550.1 mil
The Hangover II Numbers:
Budget: $80 mil
Opening: $85.9 mil

Domestic: $248.1 mil
Foreign: $300.0 mil
Worldwide: $548.1 mil
Thor Numbers:
Budget: $150 mil
Opening: $65.7 mil

Domestic: $178.7 mil
Foreign: $261.7 mil
Worldwide: $440.4 mil
X-Men: First Class Numbers:
Budget: $160 mil
Opening: $55.1 mil

Domestic: $142.0 mil
Foreign: $196.1 mil
Worldwide: $338.2 mil
Cars 2 Numbers:
Budget: $200 mil
Opening: $66.1 mil

Domestic: $148.8 mil
Foreign: $82.2 mil
Worldwide: $231.0 mil
Green Lantern Numbers:
Budget: $200 mil
Opening: $53.1 mil

Domestic: $109.7 mil
Foreign: $33.3 mil
Worldwide: $143.0 mil
Friday, July 15, 2011 Releases:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part 2 (4,200+)
Winnie the Pooh (2,300+)
Life, Above All
Salvation Boulevard


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Wiseguy 7/10/2011 3:39:08 PM

Not surprised at all with Transformers 3. Bosses did surprise on the upside. I hate Anniston so no way I'd pay to see that, yeah my personal feelings about stars does influence what I see.

The big question all along has been HP vs Transformers, my money has always been on T3 but I expect HP to be right on its heels domestically but probably win the worldwide race. HP has Captain America 1 week later which will hurt it domestically while T3 didn't have any serious competition for its target audience the 2nd week.

Green Lantern's numbers should look a lot better next month when it finally releases on all the foreign markets. It should at least get close to its budget (fingers crossed). Hard to believe that GL, which I loved, cost more than T3, which I also loved, to produce. T3 just had such a superior production value

Can't wait for CAPTAIN AMERICA in 2 weeks baby. I'll see HP but not that hyped about it.

dalgoda 7/10/2011 5:29:08 PM

Yeah, it should be interesting to see which movie wins the global box office for the summer, T3, HP or POTC.  I expect to see a big drop off for T3 with HP opening this weekend and grabbing a lot of the same audience.  All three are/will be huge box office successes though.  Still have to see what Cap does, but it could turn out that Thor wins the super hero box office.  I wouldn't have thought that prior to May.

Tienaai 7/10/2011 5:50:42 PM

My fear with Cap is that people will have had their fill of the summer movies and their wallets will be empty.  Going into the summer, I was jacked to see Cowboys vs Aliens and Cap, but after seeing Thor (just felt the itch to see a movie ...and that was the first big summer flick), then Pirates...then Hangover...then T3...then gonna see Harry ...I am kinda movied out.  Cap and Cowboys will be dropped in the Netflix que.  It ain't cheap to see a movie for us.  $30 in gas as it's 100 mile round trip.  $20 for the tickets.  $35-40 for a meal.  $20-40 for shit you wouldn't have normally bought (popcorn?  crap at the mall?  etc... ).  We are talking over a hundred bucks....and we don't have kids!!! 

I am happy for was a great summer popcorn movie...which is what it was intended to be.  Fun?  It was...and the 3-D actually looked good.  I hope Cap kicks ass as it does look great.  It may be a straight purchase when the blu-ray hits. 


Wiseguy 7/10/2011 5:56:08 PM

Maybe I'm projecting my own enthusiasm but I fully expect Captain America to be the king of superhero flicks this year. Cowboys and Aliens I care less about each day and the more I see. I expect Cap to beat it when it opens

EagleManiac 7/10/2011 6:44:33 PM

Big deal!

dalgoda 7/10/2011 6:50:23 PM

Wiseguy, I don't see Cowboys and Aliens or Conan being a huge hit.  Thor or Cap will top the super hero box office.  I thoroughly enjoyed Thor so if Cap is as good or better, I will be ecstatic.

jedibanner 7/10/2011 7:11:05 PM

Man aren't we all glad to not have invested in that pile of crap called will never make all it's money back and it's just not picking up steam at all.

Good for TF3, fun to see in all of it's Non-3D glory and worth the price of admission.

Now only Cap and Harry potter to see.

wessmith1966 7/10/2011 8:03:22 PM

Stayed away from Zookeeper because it looked like another crapfest for Kevin James. While I'm with Wiseguy about Aniston (I've always thought she was highly over-rated in every way) I went to see Horrible Bosses and laughed a lot. Not surprised at how well TF3 is doing; it's the ultimate summer popcorn flick.

The more I see of Cowboys and Aliens, the less interested in the film I am. There's just no real hook in it for me. Ford's not a draw for me unless he's playing Indy and I'd rather see Craig as Bond. At this point I'm not even sure if I'll see it. I'll probably end up going to see Captain America again that weekend for what will probably be the 10th time by that point. This is the movie I've waited 36 years for and I'm chomping at the bit for it.

Looking forward to see HP this weekend but all I can think about is I only have days to wait for Captain America. After seeing the trailers I think Cap's going to be very successful and just might go down on the books as one of the top comic book movies of all time in both dollars and quality.

I don't believe wallets will be dried up by the time Cap hits the big screens. Summer movies are escapism for people and as history has proven, the crappier the economy the more people want to escape to the movies. People will check their sofa cushions and under their car seats for the cash to go to the movies.

evilbeagle 7/10/2011 8:23:08 PM

Bit the bullet and saw T3.  Not bad.  Not good.  AMAZING visuals.

Pumped for Cap and HP7.  HP7 will take the global top spot if the movie is as good as it looks.  People will be crazy knowing this is Harry Potter's swan song.

Did Cowboys and Aliens get pushed a week back from Cap?  I thought they were both opening on the 22nd, but the preview I saw the other day said Cowboys was on the 29th.  This is going to sound like a stupid statement, but Cap will have to be a good movie to haul in big dollars.  What I mean is this...a movie like Transformers can kind of suck and still get the pass because people just want to see robot carnage and orgasmic special effects.  Cap is going to have to nail all the human stuff too, and I hope they pull it off.

karas1 7/10/2011 8:26:49 PM

Both Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig are big stars.  And the film was directed by the guy who directed Iron Man which was a really good film and a big hit.  I don't understand why you all aren't really looking forward to Cowboys and Aliens.  I sure am.

I'm also VERY excited for Harry Potter.  Having watched all the movies I really want to see how it all ends.

Never been a big fan of the character Captain America so I'm not especially stoked to see it.  If all you guys say it's good I might go for a bargain matinee, but otherwise I'll wiat till it hits HBO.  And Joe Public may be superheroed out this summer after Thor, GL and an X-Men film.

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