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80's action comic, toys coming in new forms

By Christopher Allan Smith     February 01, 2002
Source: Wizard Magazine

Megatron of the TRANSFORMERS
© 2001 Hasbro

On the heels of the return of G.I. JOE and MICRONAUTS, comes news that the TRANSFORMERS will be returning to comics, TV and toys over the next year.

The power behind the return isn't Marvel comics, but Pat Lee's Dreamweave Productions.

The first sign of return will be a new comic book mini-series, TRANSFORMERS: GENERATION ONE, which will take a look at the classic changing robots (as opposed to latter coming series BEAST WARS, and ROBOTS IN DISGUISE) and pave the way for a new mini-series, TRANSFORMERS: ARMADA.

"I've been dreaming about doing this for almost 15 years," Lee crowed to WIZARD magazine. "It's completely recharged me. I feel like I'm drawing for the first time."

In addition to these two series, the first of which hits in April, will then give way to an ongoing comics series based on TRANSFORMERS: ARMADA which will begin later this year. Lee expects a new toy line coming this year, along with a new animated series.

For those of you who weren't children of the 1980s, the TRANSFORMERS were a wildly popular toy, TV and comics series centering on robots that could turn into cars, planes and other cool things.


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