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themacallan007 7/2/2007 11:52:41 AM
I seriously hope this film is as good as all these reviews say. This summer has been less than stellar and if Transformers doesnt do it for me then this the last time I waste time during my precious summer hours waiting in line for some damn hyped-up movie. There are so many other entertainment options avaliable these days...
UncleCreepy 7/2/2007 12:40:19 PM
I saw an early screening of this movie as well. It kicks ass. The review nailed the movie perfectly. You will not be disappointed with it. Transformers rocks!
michaelxaviermaelstrom 7/2/2007 1:48:58 PM
Wiredmass: Not a fan of the `synopsis' in film reviews either, 8 times out of 2 I find it's effectively a euphemism for SPOILERS. BT made a point of warning of that prior to his synopsis here though, for which I am thankful as it allowed moi to effortlessly preemptively skip whatever spoilers may have been in this review. Though I suspect my spoiler-sense would have kicked in, hopefully in time, anyway. imo the nanosecond you see a synopsis or details of a movie's plot begin in a review, I'd advise skip-scanning down until the review bit kicks back in. 9 times out of 3 that translates to reading the 1st paragraph and the last paragraph for reviews containing synopsii. Some sites have reviewers that don't warn of upcoming spoilers, and worse don't care that they've ruined the movie for you. This however ISN'T one of those sites. I'd sugg honing up on one of the last bastions: how-to-avoid-the-spoilers-that-are-inherent-in-film-reviews-that-discuss-a-film's-plot. #1 spoiler-sense augmentation tip: The minute a review mentions "synopsis" "plot" or begins discussing events in the movie, STOP READING IMMEDIATELY and head back in only AFTER you've seen the film. Assuming it's one you give a fetid dingo's kidney about seeing. There are times it is the reviewers fault, there are times it isn't, AISI it's like a pedestrian crossing a street, the light was green, the light was yellow, the light was red, is all irrelevant when you get hit, what matters is watching for signs of the CAR not the light. Ditto I'd sugg looking for signs of the spoiler, not simply the spoiler warning. In this case I don't believe it's the reviewer's fault as although one could argue it was not `highly emphasized' he _did_ provide a spoiler-warning that an experienced avoider knows translates to "plot revelations - time to bugger off out of this review" but when it is entirely their fault, I'm with you, go thermo-nuclear on their asses. mXm
gamera23 7/2/2007 3:36:10 PM
Thanks, mXm. If I knew I definitely had to discuss something in a review in order to make a point, I would plant spoiler flags all around it. But in some cases, it's not sure and you want to just give a light warning. Those that want it can read a breakdown of the ENTIRE story, gags and all, on Much of the time, to get some sense of what the critic is talking about, a certain amount of plot needs to be revealed as evidence of that point or to give readers a better view of the picture. BTW, I hope my C for LIVE FREE didn't scare anyone off from seeing it, as other than the disappointment of my expectations I did have quite a few positive things to say in that review. It's just that when Willis sets me up by saying it's the best since DIE HARD, I expect a plausible film that delivers action while playing by the rules. I consider McClane suddenly knowing how to fly a helicopter and the numerous examples of magic computers to be breaking that pact of plausibility with the audience. But who knows - I may calm down a bit by the time the DVD is out to give it a B. And I know how much you all hate it when we grade anything a B. _BT
chemikillgod 7/2/2007 6:20:12 PM
"But who knows - I may calm down a bit by the time the DVD is out to give it a B. And I know how much you all hate it when we grade anything a B." Heh. This makes me laugh. A lot of folks here (even including me sometimes) complain about the grading scale especially when it's graded as a B because I guess grading a B basically means you're not taking a side. But then some people, on some films, will eventually complain when something is graded as an A or a C because it seems too extreme a grade for a film that they think is really an average 'B'. Ha. Basically, it's a lose-lose proposition. I just find it pretty funny sometimes.
gauleyboy420 7/2/2007 7:00:30 PM
First off it"s F'n Transformers, LIVE ACTION. PRODUCED BY SPIELBERG. ITS GONNA RULE THE SUMMER. Second All of Michael bays films aren't crap. There are hundreds of thousands of people (if not millions) who like a good action flick. Michael Bay delivers. Armageddon kicked ass, THE ROCK, How can you not like The Rock. GET OFF YOUR HIGH ASSED HORSES! Not every movie needs to be some academy nominated stroke of cinematic genius, Which this just might turn out to be. I'll bet my soul all of you out there dogging this film and Michael Bay bashing are gonna shell out $$$ for tickets, and love every minute of it. ( with exceptions for those who have never lost their virginity, they will still hate on it) SHUT UP. I'm sick of the whining Transformers is an action alien flick, It's nothing more and its unlike anything any of us have seen. Quit bitching about it and direct your own friggin movie if you have so much more talent than Mr. Bay. Besides I just rewatched the 1980 Transformers The Movie (The first DVD I ever bought by the way) and COME ON?! I loved Con Air too! And Ghost Rider kicked Ass!
thebigiff 7/2/2007 7:42:42 PM
Anyone remember The Herculoids or Starblazers?
metalwater 7/2/2007 9:40:57 PM
I know that The Hollywood Reporter and Variety love, and or, like this movie...but one online source claims that a ton of New York critics hate it. One of the critics stated that the film is just too loud...thanks to the sound effects and the film score. But the reporter breaking the story about the New York critics' backlash against Transformers, quickly added, "What do you expect, it's Michael Bay!!!" P.S.-Herculoids was a Hanna Barbara was pretty cool. And Star Blazers aka Space Cruiser Yamato is my favorite anime of all time. The film...and series debuted in Japan in 1974...and was a big hit. Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica ripped it off!!! Star Blazers/Space Cruiser Yamato really deserves to be made into a movie. Dino Riders, although a so-so tv show, could make a cool movie thanks to its concept!!!
madmanic999 7/2/2007 10:01:42 PM
Just saw it gang, and I'll tell you this... It was awesome..... fuck the debates, just shut off your brain and go enjoy the giant Robots, you won't regret it!
Merin 7/2/2007 11:09:46 PM
"just shut off your brains and go enjoy it" blech . . . holding . . . back . . . comments . . . until . . . I . . . see . . . it . . . But I won't be shutting off my brain, thank you. And if the story / characterization / theme sucks, no amount of whiz-bang special effects will save it for me. Case in point - Star Wars Prequel trilogy and Matrix Revolutions all had amazing FX - and were HORRIBLE. I couldn't shut my brain off for those, either. As I stated elsewhere - favor to my brother, I'm taking him. He's paying for my ticket so I'll take him. I'm agreeing to go so I can see if my prejudices are baseless or sound. And Die Hard was about a C movie. Seriously, folks, it was so beyond belief I couldn't stop heckling it - my sister kept asking me if the computer stunts they were pulling were possible and I kept saying "No." Because they aren't. But they are more believable than the physical things that people were shown to be capable of in that film. At least with super-heroes I know where I stand at the start - laws of physics are out the window, accept that Reed Richards can design and build a brand new machine in a couple days, sure.
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