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mbeckham1 7/5/2007 10:44:41 AM
Also the All Spark, not exactly Transformers cannon but it worked for giving focus to the story. And gave the Transformers a reason to be on Earth specifically It's good to have a quest object to focus on. The ring, the matrix, the key to Vector Sigma. And the FX for the cube was pretty awsome. The backstory scene showing Cybertron and Prime explaining the war. Prime explaining to his Autobots why they have to protect the humans. And Megan Fox was friggin hot. Nice touch with her backstory too. Here's what kind of annoyed me. Those large sections where Michael bay seemed to forget he was making Transformers, that started to look like a clipshow of all his other movies. And I realize what it is about Michael Bay movies that bother me. It's not that his movies are bad. It's that he tries to turn every script he gets into the same movie. And this movie has a geek squad(alternately wisecracking or hot loooking, an group of (slightly too heroic) soldiers (all American family guy, smarter tougher black buddy, guy who talks about his ma or girlfriends cooking all the time, and out of shape guy who gets killed, a wise and worried middle age leader (who basically stands around looking wise and worried until it's time to make a speech). And secret governement organization represented an annoying self important government agent who spends so much time bragging about his secret government agency you'll wonder how it's been kept a secret. And of course you just know the braggart will lose ity in a crisis situation. Now, it wasn't that these elements and characters aren't funny or entertaining. John Tuturrow was hilarious, the ausie chick was appealing, Anthony nerson was funny and seeing Andrew from Buffy was cool. I even found Jon Voight's character likable. They just didn't seem to belong in this movie. During the Hoover Dam scene I was with Sam, where the hell is Bumblebee or the rest of the Autobots, wouldn't it make sense to talk to the robot while your torturing him. In TV serial fashon I felt a bit like I was watching a really long commercial break promoting a movie that lookas sadly like another movie I've seen before. Not the one haven't seen and payed to see. It just seems like about 90 minutes of been there seen that scense could've been cut in favor of spending a little more time building the characters and backstory of the Autobots, instead of building up GI Joe and his posse, or watching Jon Voight pace a hole the Pentegon carpet. There scenes made little more cntribution to the main plot than the President ordering Ding Dongs on Airforce One. And the script seemed forced where ever they were given something important to do. I don't think ET would be the classic it is now if we left the alien and Elliot and his family to watch the Defence Department scratch there eads of satellite images of the Christmas tree ornament ship before invading the burbs. An X-Men movie told entirely from the perspective of the cops that surrounded Magneto before he turned there guns omn them would seem a little off too. The beginnings great final battle kiocks ass. Plenty of room for a sequal. Just next time, Please spielberg direct it yourself or tell Bay to take his old toys home, so the Transformers don't look like guest stars in their own movie.
MIKWOZ 7/5/2007 3:17:17 PM
Merin I didn't even write my opinion on this one. lol
MIKWOZ 7/5/2007 3:45:10 PM
one question I have and i hope someone can answer it. Durng the previews before the Transformer movie, there was a teaser trailer with no movie title. It seemed to start at a party in some large city (possibly new york) and then suddenly a "giant monster" was creating havock in the city. The only evidence for the "monster" was an explosion and a roar of sorts. Does anyone know what i'm talking about?
mbeckham1 7/9/2007 10:41:50 AM
According to the untitled movie trailered before Transformers was involves J.J. Abrams they didn't mention whether wrote or directed or both. And the rumor according to AICN is it also involves Lovecraft's Cthulu. Sounds pretty damned cool to me. Here's the link for to copy and paste.
monkeyfoot 7/9/2007 11:04:31 AM
Finally saw Transformers this weekend. It is indeed the cutting edge of CGI but the story left me cold. The main problems I had were the tone and the confusing action sequences. I was never a Transformer's fan so this is coming from the perspective of someone going to see a big FX spectacle. It started off seriously (well as serious as giant transforming robots invading can be) with appropiate amounts of humor. But as soon as the Transformers started talking and John Turturro's cartoonish government agent arrived it couldn't decide if it was a SF action flick ala Independence Day or a cute kid's toy movie like Small Soldiers. And as spectacular as the battle scenes were you couldn't tell who was fighting who. The audience I was with wanted to applaude their hero's victories but you could never tell who won what slugfest. I also couldn't find myself caring about any of the characters or the good versus evil conflict between the Transformers. I have to fault the director Michael Bay for that. Shia Lebeouf was the only one who I felt some identification and caring for but that was offset by the confusing silly and/or serious tone. I recently saw Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin again and I was left with the same feeling I had with that: these characters are too silly for me to worry about. All in all it was interesting but I'll only see it again when it runs on HBO or someone else rents the DVD. Too bad, I wanted to like it more.
SONYMANswallows 1/10/2008 8:35:37 PM
CGI must mean CONSISTENT GARBAGE INDEED. PIGFORMERS OINK OINK OINK OINK Hugo Weaving must have lost a really big bet but its interesting to see how gay robots cat fight. I think one of BumblePIG's ads was for anal lube.
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