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Tree of Palme English Cast List

    November 15, 2004

Tree of Palme is the story of a wooden puppet named Palme. He is entrusted by Koram, before she dies, with the task of delivering the Egg of Touto to the underground land of Tamas. Tamas is ruled by Soma, an ancient kooloop tree with godlike powers. Soma created a human named Laala from a kooloop tree, but it needs the Egg of Touto to give Laala a soul. Palme believes that if he delivers the egg to Soma, Soma will grant his wish to become human.

Director: Don Rush

Studio: IS&M

Translator: Josh Cole

ADR Script: Mike Yontosca

Palme - Voiced by Kira Vincent Davis - A child-like puppet that Fou made from a kooloop tree. Originally made to care for Fou’s ailing wife Xian, Palme loses his sense of purpose when Xian dies. Koram gives him a new sense of purpose when she entrusts him with the task of delivering the Egg of Touto to Tamas. Palme believes that he can become human if he gives the egg to Soma, the ancient kooloop tree with godlike powers that rules Tamas.

Popo - Voiced by Jessica Boone - Darumaya’s daughter; age between 10 & 15. She follows Palme on his journey to Tamas. She sees the value of all living things and is shocked when people kill or otherwise belittle the value of other living things. She views Palme as a living being, not an object like most people view him.

Shatta - Voiced by Chris Patton - Koram’s son; age around 15. Originally from Tamas, Shatta was abandoned by his mother for reasons unknown. He grew up in Arcana, and now leads a group of orphan thieves in the town of Flamingo. He follows Palme on his journey to Tamas.

Mu - Voiced by Monica Rial - Pu’s sister; age around 10. Pu and Mu live with the gang of orphan thieves led by Shatta. Mu shows compassion for Palme when the rest of the gang only value him as an object worth money. She follows Palme on his journey to Tamas.

Pu - Voiced by Tiffany Grant - Mu’s brother; age around 10. Pu really doesn’t want to have anything to do with Palme, but Mu is all he has, so he follows Mu when she decides to go with Palme to Tamas.

Fou - Voiced by Andy McAvin - Palme’s creator; elderly. Fou and his wife Xian were in search of the legendary crosskahla oil. But Xian became ill, so Fou created Palme to help care for her.

Darumaya - Voiced by Luci Christian - Popo’s mother; age around 40. A dancer in her younger days, Darumaya is a trader who lives on a ship with her brother Crickle and her daughter Popo. She despises her ex-husband and takes it out on Popo. Also, she could be jealous of Popo’s blossoming youth, since her own has faded.

Koram - Voiced by Allison Sumrall - Shatta’s mother; age around 30. Koram was neglected by her father when she was young, so she feels like she has to prove her worthiness to him.

Soma - Voiced by Christine Auten & John Gremillion - an ancient kooloop tree with godlike powers.

And introducing relative newcomers:

Roualt - Voiced by Michael Coleman - Shatta’s right hand man; age around 15. A tough-guy type. He wants to sell Palme for the money he would make.

Sawadust - Voiced by Chris Ayres - Elderly. Originally from Tamas, Sawadust defected and now lives in Arcana. He cultivates kooloop trees and is very knowledgeable.


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