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TREK SLAM 2002: Braga on the chance Romulans will visit ENTERPRISE

Horan on "future guy" of ENTERPRISE

By Anne Moore and Christopher Allan Smith, assistance by Steven Klotz     April 24, 2002

Kirk himself, William Shatner on stage entertaining the audience at the 2002 STAR TREK GRAND SLAM (Copyright 2002 Sue Schneider)
© 2002 Sue Schneider

Recently the biggest names in STAR TREK gathered in Pasadena, California to glory and gather in the splendor that is the biggest franchise in modern science fiction: STAR TREK Grand Slam 2002.

While it was impossible to see everything and attend all of the guest stars appearances, CINESCAPE's own Anne Moore, Sue Schneider and Steven Klotz did their best, and brought us the details. This week, we're bringing them to you.

Check back every day for info and star pictures on everything from ENTERPRISE, STAR TREK: NEMESIS, to talk of DEEP SPACE NINE and hopes for a big screen adventure of their own, and more.

Today we hit on some of the ENTERPRISE news from the Slam, with James Horan, the "Future Guy" seen in the pilot, and ENTERPRISE co-creator/co-executive producer Brannon Braga, on when fans can expect to see Romulans show up in the prequel series.

"Well I don't know much about the mystery man from the future, except that he's a mystery man from the future," Horan said of his role. "Kinda sounds like a bad guy, especially from the latest script I got, the cliffhanger final episode of the first season. I'm also coming back for the beginning of the second season, so maybe more will be revealed about him then. Hey, I'm hoping they stretch this out, and I become the Q of ENTERPRISE. The fans are telling me they speculate that he's a Romulan, because the Romulans were involved with time travel at one, uh, time or another. It's so confusing. So, that's all I know; I'm glad to be working, and pleased to be a part of this new series."

Braga, for his part, cooled down talk of Romulans on ENTERPRISE... for now.

"I don't think you're going to be seeing Romulans this season," Braga said. "In the Original Series, it was established that no one had actually see the Romulans. So, it's tricky, because you want to see them. You don't want to see just a bunch of ships and not know what's going on. But we're thinking about ways we might do it."


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