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Mania Grade: C+

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  • Art Rating: B-
  • Packaging Rating: B+
  • Text/Translatin Rating: A-
  • Age Rating: 13 & Up
  • Released By: Dark Horse
  • MSRP: 9.95
  • Pages: 222
  • ISBN: 1-59307-452-2
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Trigun Maximum Vol. #08

By Eduardo M. Chavez     July 10, 2006
Release Date: February 01, 2006

Trigun Maximum Vol.#08
© Dark Horse

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Naitou Yasuhiro
Translated by:N/A
Adapted by:

What They Say
Knives has imprisoned Vash, and now he's going around gathering plants. By plants, I don't mean green things growing out of the ground, but instead those angelic, humanoid, powerful plant-beings that make it possible for humans to live on the planet Gunsmoke. Vash and Knives are themselves a form of plant, and have the same power, but what will Knives do with this huge power supply?

Meanwhile, things are looking pretty tough for Wolfwood. And speaking of Nick, this volume contains a special spin-off chapter based on our favorite preacher-slash-gunslinger. Learn a little more about the man in the suit with the confessional helmet!

The Review
It has been long established that brothers often have difficulty communicating with each other. There are issues with pride and responsibility that stand in the way and must be overcome. Quiet often-stubborn attitudes prevail and communication ends altogether. Then there are times when the brothers just come to blows instead.

Knives and Vash are beyond talking. Their long lives have changed them so profoundly that their prejudices prevent them from ever acknowledging each other's perspectives. For all the abuse, physical and verbal, these two do not progress at all. There is no real discourse. Instead, these brothers try to force their wills and their realities on each other with the knowledge that maybe through death acceptance will come if not for each other but for those who will live to see the outcome of their "discussion". The world will feel their pain one way or another. Friend or foe and under these circumstances hardly anyone gets a chance to pick sides here.

In this latest edition of the yo-yo that is Trigun Maximum, Naitou this time decides to take his action and change it from something personal gun fights and turn them into full blown wars. Naitou is already notorious for his poor action layouts, so presenting battle scenes at this large a scale has completely handicapped this volume. I was completely lost; with no idea who was on which side. I could not even make out where many of the scenes where taking place. Moreover, with Naitou trying to mix in more drama into the dialogue, the pacing was completely unbalanced. Seven months went by and in what could have been half-an-hour. TriMax continues to be a series on ADD. There might be a plot buried within the action but Naitou could not unleash it here. Instead, he stretches out this fight among brothers without any reason. This could have been a series that ended a volume ago, but with every new �plot twist� either a new gun is revealed or another year goes by. This is a series that is struggling to find a direction, which is a shame because it is one of the better looking books out there (even with the alignment problems in this volume).


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