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RaithManan 4/1/2013 7:41:13 PM

Disney should really consider having a second season of Tron: Uprising.  While there is still no official word of it being cancelled other than the producers simply saying, "We need more people to watch."

The show not only was a pleasant surprise, it was also one of the best cartoons on tv that reminded you on how we really miss the days of cartoons tailored well for kids and adults alike.  Personally either they need to put it on with Spiderman and the new Avengers cartoon coming out later this year or actually take a gamble and try it on ABC to build an audience for it early in the evening for a handful of weeks for it have a sustained following for its morning time slot on XD.  

Not sure if some of you guys recall that's how Batman: The Animated Series started early on with prime-time airings on Sunday nights on FOX before the Simpsons to help generate an audience for its daily daytime slot.

Meanwhile, looking forward to TR3N.... 

ripum853 4/1/2013 8:50:21 PM

 I loved Tron Legacy myself; plain plot, boring lead protagonist, and bad effects for CLU; but everything else I think was wonderfully awesome.  I didn't even think the plot was all "that" bad (no worse than Avatar's).

Dazzler 4/2/2013 3:43:55 AM

They need to focus on the games and escape which it's all about to me, forget the alienation of another race crap, plenty of dramas that do that. 

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