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fatpantz 7/16/2013 5:45:16 AM

Fun episode! I really enjoyed it more than I should have

lusiphur 7/16/2013 7:14:36 AM

 After a pair of lackluster entries to start the season, the past two have finally started to gain traction and seem to be headed in at least an interesting direction.  

Who leaves their lingerie on while bumping uglies like that?  C'mon Sarah, let them little puppies loose for the world to see.  While we're at it, you too Jessica!

And yes, I'll most likely be sticking with the 7th season unless something horrible happens between now and the finale.

lazarus 7/16/2013 7:51:46 AM

Personally I loved this episode. It made sense and answered MANY questions. But the one unanswered thing is. According to the Vamp Bible God made Lilith in his image and the humans to provide food for them. Then who the hell made the Fae and why?

blankczech 7/16/2013 8:01:04 AM

 This show has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.  I know it's pretty awful but I can't look away.  It's so damn stylish and so much fun.  Glad it's been renewed...I've come to asscociate it with hot, lazy summer nights.

The Good - (tie) 1A - Sookie's abs (It's obvious that Pacquin has been seriously working out after having twins).  1B - The song by "Peaches" that played over the closing credits.

The Bad - Alcide Herveaux beating down his old man and sending him packing

The Ugly - Lafayette possessed by Sookie's dead father


ddiaz28 7/16/2013 11:52:37 AM

While I still enjoy this show and liked the episode overall, I'm really tired of seeing characters make decisions and act in ways for no apparent reason other than to turn the story where the writer's want to go.

Like why would Sam screw that girl only a couple of days after Luna (whom he loved supposedly) died in his arms and with her daughter in the next room?  Was that like stress induced sex or something.  It was dumb and not who Sam is.

And Sarah Newman, what exactly prompted her to go screw Jason, other than God wanting her to?  One little argument with the gov and she abandons him? 

And Alcide's story has just pissed me off.  He's supposed to be the pack master but he can't even stop his pack from tearing some kids apart.  He become this ass hole all of a sudden.  What happened to the Alcide that only wanted to protect Sookie.  And Iiked his relationship with his "main bitch" but that's been dropped it seems.  I liked her.

And I sure hope Eric has something up his sleeve for how to get out of the camp since he hasn't been the best strategist as of yet. 

@lazarus ... I'm assuming since God created man and vampire, that he must have created all the other supernatural races as well. 

Divo366 7/16/2013 11:54:29 AM

I get the feeling that since we've gone back to Warlow's time, 3500 BC, they have to one up it for the future.  So, my guess, is when Lilith was created directly from 'God'... I think in the future, when they need a bad guy next year, 'God' will really just be an older vampire, maybe from 6500 BC. 

joelr 7/16/2013 1:10:36 PM

So, what's everyone's theory on why Sarah Newlin was able to rescind Jessica's invitation? Did the Government figure out a way around that power, or was it because she had a little "Jason" in her?

TheSilentKiller 7/16/2013 5:26:55 PM

 If Lilith was the Vampire prophet, she got wiped out awful easy.

Also, Sarah, show us them puppies!

ddiaz28 7/16/2013 6:15:00 PM

I think Sarah and Jessica are just never going to let them all out.

TheSilentKiller 7/16/2013 7:26:41 PM

 Jessica can't legally, because the character is underage - or was when she was turned. Same reason Dany in GoT is now older than 14, and the reason y'all ain't going to see Sansa sans top.

Sarah on the other hand, has no such constraints.

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