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  • TV Series: True Blood
  • Episode: Frenzy
  • Starring: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, Chris Bauer, Michelle Forbes, Alexander Skarsgård, Deborah Ann Woll, Carrie Preston and William Sanderson
  • Written By: Alan Ball
  • Directed By: Daniel Minahan
  • Network: HBO
  • Series: True Blood

TRUE BLOOD: Frenzy Review

Latest episode provides just enough water cooler content.

By Liana Aghajanian     August 31, 2009

Mania Review of TRUE BLOOD(2009).
© HBO/Robert Trate


Even though we saw the introduction of Sophie-Ann Leclerq, the vampire queen of Louisiana in this week's episode, aptly named “Frenzy,” by the end of 60 minutes, which believe me, never seems enough, all plot points regressed much more than they progressed – from saving Tara from the grips of Maryann the maenad, to Jessica snacking on Hoyt's poor mama and Andy Bellefleur and Jason Stackhouse teaming up to become Rambo to save their little town of Bon Temps.
Whereas last week Bill and Sookie returned home from their Godly adventures with the Fellowship of the Sun and pocket Buddha Godric and tried to figure out what or who was causing mayhem and turning the residents of Bon Temps into bug-eyed zombies, this week, the entire cast went on their own adventure – starting with Bill visiting Sophie-Ann (Evan Rachel Wood) to get some insight into how to stop the maenad. Sophie-Ann, with her flaming red hair, small demeanor and none to particular sexual preferences, doesn't necessarily give Bill the information he needs, but insists that he stay overnight to in her mansion. Even though Sookie and Co. are alone in zombie town, the queen's rank and power over Bill render him incapable of leaving.
Meanwhile, hot-blooded Jessica might have ruined the only good thing in her life since she became undead by letting her emotions get the better of her and attacking Hoyt's mother, Maxine Fortenberry. forcing Hoyt to second think his relationship with her. Things don’t get any better over at Lafayette's bachelor pad, where he, Sookie and Tara's mother are holding Tara captive for her own good. Believing she's Eggs' last chance for survival, Tara blackmails her mother into letting her escape, much to the shock of Sookie and Lafayette, who now must re-save her before the unthinkable happens.
After Sam, Jason and Andy's brilliantly hilarious plan to escape from the possessed town folk, Sam tells his companions about his shape shifting ways – a concept they don't have much time to digest before Arlene's frightening kids show up. It is ultimately the kids, the most unlikely of characters, that give Sam the idea to consult with Shreveport's vampire sheriff, bar owner and tall glass of Swedish milk known as Eric Northman. As usual, the episode's best line comes from Eric, especially when he ends up calling Arlene's children “teacup humans.” Clad in a silver shiny suit, Eric projects off the ground in a Superman like stance to fly off and visit Sophie-Ann, the only person he believes can be of assistance to Sam in fighting Maryanne.
Sookie emerges as our heroine yet again to fight the forces of evil without her vampire beau. As she carefully treads back to her house, which has been ravaged and raped by the antics of Maryann, she finds Tara once again possessed, smashing the belongings of her late grandmother. Confused and helpless, Sookie barely has time to think before she’s confronted by Lafayette, whose vulnerable state allowed him to become a token follower of Maryanne.
Whereas last week, the fight involved Christian fanatics vs. the undead and their “evil whore of Satan” known as Sookie, this week the religious undertones involved the more animalistic and primal of religions of ancient times In both cases, humans, considered the weakest of beings, are the ones affected by “blind faith,” as Sophie-Ann puts it.
Probably the two most important details to come out of “Frenzy” were the revelations that Maryann was summoned when Tara went through an exorcism in Season 1, arriving in the fictional Louisiana town through the dangerous rituals used, and Eric’s encounter with Bill at Sophie Anne’s mansion in which we come to realize that having given Sookie his blood to allow her to survive in Season 1 had the same cupid effect on her as Eric’s soon will.
Although this episode was more or less filler, it provided enough water cooler chatter for the time being. Lafayette had his own demons to deal with, as he’s still suffering from some serious PTSD after his stint in Fangtasia’s basement. Jason, always providing comedic relief, did not disappoint, telling Andy to not clock block him in an encounter with a possessed, yet randy Bon Tempian at the police station. Even so, it probably isn’t enough to last two weeks until Alan Ball and Co. reveal the season finale. “Frenzy” was definitely a frenzy I'd like less of. Here’s to hoping that finale allows for at least few kinks to get resolved, before it goes away for the season and leaves its legions of devoted fans on the edge of their seats for months on end. For the time you have to kill between this season and next, I highly recommend picking up the Sookie Stackhouse series books to quench your True Blood thirst.


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Chopsaki 8/31/2009 4:00:21 AM

Not quite as good as last weeks episode but still solid. I really didn't care for Jason Stackhouse in season one but since he got paired up with Andy Bellefleur it's turned into comedy gold. They really make an odd yet great team. It's like the blind leading the blind.

Chopsaki 8/31/2009 4:07:05 AM

Also I have to disagree with you on who had the best line this episode.

Lafayette: This has got to be the worst motherf**king intervention in history

Sam Jackson would be proud!

NotAFan 8/31/2009 5:38:31 AM

IT's funny alot of the queestions I had about Eric and Bill's vampire blood that I had asked previously were answered in this episode.  That whole all supernatural being created themselves thing didn't seem to make sense to me. And that she's immortal because she believes she's immortal thing just seemed stupid to me. Well I believe I'm Superman but I still can't fly like Eric! BTW WTF happened to Evan Rachel Wood? Wasn't she good looking like a year ago? Who hits the wall that fast and that young?

mrBig 8/31/2009 7:00:12 AM

I was surprisingly dissappointed with this episode. The Queen was boring and uninspired. Ususally I'm a fan of Ms. Wood but she was very superficial for being a "Queen" of Vampires. Best scene goes to Eric and his talk with the children. More to come there>? So where are the rest of the town's children BTW??? Also, the whole "belief" system of Maryann seemed weak at first but makes some sense. Maryann's power seemed to grow as more and more followers fell into her trance. So in theory, if the heroes cut off that link somehow, would she lose power and weaken?? Hmmm We'll have to see in TWO weeks....grumble grumble,,,

hanso 8/31/2009 7:59:32 AM

I think the two most important things this episode was the Tara/Maryanne revelation and the explanation of what Maryanne is.   I didn't think the Maryanne explanation made sense though, didn't like it.  Didn't like this episode all that much but it moved everyone into position for the finale.

My fave line this ep was when Lafayette and Sookie were talking about Eric and Lafayette says "Somebody needs to slap that bitch."

trollman 8/31/2009 10:01:21 AM

In the book, the queen was a 15 year old Bi-sexual girl.  I understand casting her a bit older than 15, but then they just drop in your lap that Sookies' cousin Hattie is living with the queen.  They don't develop that at all, nor explain any of the back story there.  Like how Bill was actually sent to meet Sookie because Hattie told the queen about her cousins telepathy.

In the book, Bill got rid of Maryanne by giving her a cow.  She took the offering and went away. Maryanne is quite a bitmore interesting in the TV version.

Eric RE: Chlidren "they are delicious".

liana 8/31/2009 11:04:06 AM

Hanso and Chopsaki,


I agree - those were great lines! Lafeyette always delivers as well. Can't wait for the finale - two weeks seems like two years.

ponyboy76 8/31/2009 12:22:51 PM

Yeah, I`m not sure I liked the Queen either. She was such a huge contrast to Godric, which I guess might have been partly the point but she kind of annoyed me. Sookie's cousin being there was just strange and felt out of place. Not so much her being there but just the way they just have her pop up in the situation without any explanation.
Jason and Andy are funny as hell. They are just plain dumb. I thought Jason might show a little more sense after his ordeal but I guess not.
What the fuck is up with the egg? And I feel sorry for poor Jessica. Yes, she bit his Mom, but she's a crazy bitch and deserved it. He turned on her too fast after supposedly being in love with her.
Lafayette and Eric always have the best lines. Is flying something you learn with age or is it just that some vamps can fly and others can't?

Chopsaki 8/31/2009 12:41:17 PM

Ya good point about sookies cousin, that was a wtf moment for me. I think thats what happens when you only have 12 episode seasons. But on the other hand you don't have many filler episodes that don't advance the storyline in a meaningful way. It's a trade off I guess.

mmandy2 8/31/2009 12:54:28 PM

I can't wait for this season to come out on DVD so I can catch up on it!

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