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True Blood: Hopeless Review

Mania Grade: B-

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  • Episode: Hopeless
  • Cast: Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Rutina Wesley, Sam Trammell, Christopher Meloni
  • Director: Daniel Attias
  • Written By: Alan Ball (creator), Charlaine Harris (novels)
  • Network: HBO
  • Series:

True Blood: Hopeless Review

The Wolves Attack

By Joel Rickenbach     July 16, 2012

"...You might as well be praying to leprechauns, or unicorns, or the motherf***ing Kardashians!"
I feel like we were cheated out of what could have been a great moment in this week's episode. After Bill, Eric, Alcide and Sookie take care of Russell Edgington and his V'd up werewolves, Kibwe and the vampire authority task force show up to take custody of Russell. Kibwe is disappointed Eric and Bill used humans and wolves in their mission, but before he can suggest a violent solution, Bill convinces him a little glamouring will do the trick. Eric takes Alcide and Bill takes Sookie. Eric's bit is actually quite funny, he tells Alcide to forget everything that happened tonight, but to protect Sookie with his life. He also forbids any funny business of the romantic variety between them, then goes as far as suggesting that Alcide will from now on be repulsed by Sookie. Bill, on the other hand, knows he cannot glamour Sookie, so what follows is his very sad and honest goodbye. He tells Sookie to basically forget everything they've had together and live the rest of her life "in the sun". This moment should have felt profound with a proper build up, but instead it happens at the beginning of the episode and feels completely forgotten by the time the credits roll. This should have been the dramatic end to an episode and the stakes should have been far higher. Part of the reason is I still don't know how to take the vampire authority. They have Bill and Eric wired to these silver death harnesses, but I have yet to feel like they're in any kind of danger. They've been walking around with these things on acting so nonchalantly it kills any kind of tension. The other reason is Bill and Sookie have been cold for so long that it really feels like an afterthought.
Despite being tertiary to the main plot, Terrey Bellefleur's Ifrit storyline still feels like the one with the most meat on its bones. He finally comes clean to Arlene, and leaves her with a heartbreaking "Thanks for taking a chance on me". It's a great scene, in fact it's the episode's best, and it's also incredibly lit- giving Merlotte's more atmosphere than it's ever had.
I'm interested to see where they take the Obama-mask-wearing-anti-supe-gang storyline. Andy and Sam taking out Junior the extremist gun store owner seemed awful quick, but they do add another dimension by pulling Hoyt into the mix. I hope this thread gets deeper and more matter-of-fact as the season goes on. 
To no one's surprise and everyone's delight, Russell breaks free during his execution, staking Roman in the process. Now we don't get the giant splash of blood that usually follows a vamp staking, instead we get Roman looking like he's about to transform. Either that or he's Violet Beauregarde. It would be kind of surprising if they killed of Christopher Meloni half way through the season, however, the real mystery put forth is - Who killed Sookie and Jason's parents? It definitely won't be the same as it was in the books, so throw out your guesses below, Maniacs.

Best Moment: Every moment Alfre Woodard is on the screen.
Worst Moment: Every time they cut to the Fairy Moulin Rouge dancers to fill time. 


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TheSilentKiller 7/16/2012 10:05:48 AM

 The Eric glamor was pretty priceless. Interesting that they are approaching the Fairy story ass-backward from the books. 

I really hope Russell is as awesome as he was in S3.

ddiaz28 7/16/2012 11:45:11 AM

Speaking of glamouring Alcide, I was hoping they would milk some comedy out of him being "disgusted" by Sookie but she fixed that in a jiffy.  Oh well.  I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to Roman after being staked.  Normally they just blow up into goo so what's up with him?  And even though she was only in it for a scene, I loved Alfre Woodard's scene and how she kept yelling to save Jesus.  Her last line was pretty funny seeing as she's a bit off her rocker. 

joelr 7/16/2012 2:07:36 PM

@ddiaz28 I totally agree, they could have milked the Alcide repulsion for at least the whole episode if not a few more. It's little quirks like that which makes shows like True blood fun.

TheSilentKiller 7/16/2012 10:44:22 PM

 Not to sound ungrateful, but are we going to get a Breaking Bad review?

lusiphur 7/17/2012 7:11:22 AM

 I can foresee Hoyt joining the masked vigilantes and running headlong into Andy, Sam and, of course, Jason.

I was thinking that since Roman didn't go up in a shower of blood, that Russell didn't stake him in the heart. 

I did have a problem with the whole glamoring Sookie scene.  Vampires can smell faeries.  Jessica followed a faerie all the way to the field where the nightclub is.  But the Authority member, who I'm assuming is a fairly powerful vamp to be in his position, didn't know Sookie was anything but human?  

redhairs99 7/17/2012 8:09:17 AM

 I think Vamps could only smell Fairy's by their blood like with the bandaide in Sookie's parent's car, etc.  I don't really recall the scene when Jessica smelled the fairy and chased them to the field.

Still not feeling Terry's storyline AT ALL.  That's usually the part where I go and take a leak or something...and I'm watching on the DVR...BORING!

Russel's stuff was classic like he's always been.  Can't wait!  

And with Roman, I was surprised they killed off Meloni so quickly this season, but I knew they wouldn't get rid of Russel right after we got him back.  I know Meloni didn't burst into blood quite as gooey as other vamps, but I still got the impression that he is gone.  Could be wrong of course and would welcome his return.  Still lots of unknowns with his character.

xJokersxWildx 7/17/2012 9:19:56 AM

The Hell with all the other speculation .. who really released russell?  Was it Eric's sister? Seems to easy but who knows.

Russell is hilarious foul mouthed... Peace is fo P ssies lol

TheSilentKiller 7/17/2012 10:00:03 AM

 @lusipher - according to the books, the Vamps don't know Sookie's part faerie. Not until much later during the faery war. They just know they find her smell and blood really appealing ("You smell like dinner"). Since the faery war hasn't happened, seems reasonable they don't know (obviously Eric/Bill do, and they aren't talking). 

redhairs99 7/17/2012 11:45:40 AM

 I figured it was the chick on the Authority Council who released Russell, not the old lady but the one sleeping with Roman.  Could be wrong though.

joelr 7/17/2012 2:10:42 PM

It would definitely be cool if neither Salome or Nora released Russell. Both seem too easy, so a twist would be welcome.

It would also be interesting if it was Russell who killed Sookie's parents, that way she and Eric would share something pretty heavy.

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