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redhairs99 7/9/2012 9:31:29 AM

Personally, I thought this was the worst episode of the season.  They are really dragging these storylines along, ok maybe not as bad as the mynid storyline in season 2, but still dragging. 

The only arc I care about at this point is Russel's and what he'll do once he's back to form. 

Terry's storyline might be as uninteresting as Tara's, save that Terry has always been a likeable character.  I was surprised to see him pull the trigger in the flashback though as that was unexpected.  Still the smoke/fire monster seems like a reject from Lost.

LaFayette's arc is also uninteresting.  I always liked him in the first season or 2 but I don't get why EVERYONE has to have some sort of supernatural power.  

ddiaz28 7/9/2012 10:52:54 AM

I think they are keeping Nora alive because it is really Salome behind Russell's escape.  She has expressed how close Nora is to her and she's always wispering in Roman's ear about the Sanguinistas so I wouldn't be surprised if it's her.  They seem to be making it too obvious though.

shac2846 7/9/2012 4:59:57 PM

 Was Deborah Ann Woll naked in this ep?

mlaforce 7/9/2012 6:00:40 PM

Ddiaz...It is Salome, it has to be and not because there is no one else but Nora but for the reasons you just gave exactly and your right, they have made it so obvious and is it just me or is there plot hole caps in every single plot thats taking place in this damn show? And still with all of its flaws, I still find myself tuning into it at 6pm every Sunday to see what happens to the few characters I do care about, wired ha?

lusiphur 7/16/2012 9:57:21 AM

redhairs - if it's that uninteresting, why keep watching?

I have to agree with Joel.  Things are starting to gain traction and will be ramping up as the weeks go by.  Who cares about plot holes?  If we really did, we wouldn't stopped watching after the first season.  But no, this is absurdist, campy, escapist fare.  

shac - I do not believe she was.  As a matter of fact, I think the only nudity was Andy and Jason (not together).

geekmentality 7/18/2012 10:15:56 AM

True Blood is starting to remind me of Heroes in the way that I seem to always be complaining about it and yet there I am watching it week after week.

I think my major problem with the show is that there are too many different storylines going on at once. Honestly the Terry/Fire demon storyline has fallen flat for me since day one. Why is it that everybody in True Blood has some sort of Supernatural sub-plot. Everyone! I don't mind Terry and Arlene getting involved in the Supernatural main storylines - but to completely drum up a fire demon from Iraq is ridiculous.

I love Lafayette but am tired of the Jesus/VooDoo storyline - but the scene with his mother this week was classic.

Tara is the worst. That is all.

Eric and Jason are probably the only two characters I never get tired of - and of course Russell. Thank God he's back - because as much as I complain, I'll be there next Sunday night watching....Actually, no I'll be at Dark Knight Rises. I'll watch it on my DVR on Monday....



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