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fatpantz 8/9/2011 8:43:10 PM

I am enjoying this season, but some of the soap opera love triangle garbage is getting a bit too much to bear.  As well they really portray the witches to be nothing more than a bunch of Patchouli sniffing hippies that seem more of a joke than anything...even with the powers that Marnie is bringing forth.

As much as i am dying to see Jessica's character naked, I would like to see them kill her.  i am tired of this show tip toeing around the concept of killing off characters....just do it so then we will no lionger know that anyone is safe....although we all know with Jason's storyline lust for her, that they will find a way for her to live *sigh*

Oh and there was more naked Sookie for those of you that really care.

xJokersxWildx 8/10/2011 10:31:35 AM

Jason will save her duh lol Jess isn't dying anytime soon.

TheMovieGuy28 8/10/2011 12:00:55 PM

Here's something I don't get. Sookie had to drive waaay over to Alcides a few episodes back to get help.

Then in last weeks episode, Eric & Sookie just so happened to be getting it on in the same woods that Alcide and his wolves were going all white trash on us.

Then, in this episode, Eric and Sookie.....did they really f*ck their way back from the swamp? Not for nothing, but wouldn't Erics vampwang have totally turned Sookie's cookie into an ugly kneaded piece of hamburger by that point? How exactly does one powereff a vampire for a good hundred miles without chafing?

Lastly.....hey, Sookie is a faerie. Remember that? Oh yeah that's another arcing episode. Wonder if we'll see faeries show up. Or sookie fighting a witch cause of how she was able to hold off against the maenid

TheMovieGuy28 8/10/2011 12:02:17 PM

Another thing-I didn't realize a jaunt from Louisiana to central Mexico was just right around the corner like that. I mean honestly, they had LaFayette in this episode in the kitchen and in Mexico???? How?!?!



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